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Class 1956 is aging well : Pics from many sources- Thanks to all.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel part of this great nation and connect with EWHS classmates at the same time. Some of these are from my travels, but a majority are collected from classmates and placed here for all to enjoy.  Help is needed to caption these again since much has been lost from my Fotki DB. Leave a comment or become a SMUG friend and add some captions. You may use FB ID to login. -THANKS.  Don't forget the Classreport site

Class 1956 is aging well

wayne rasmussen

Pics from many sources- Thanks to all. I have been fortunate to be ab ...

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Settings : Can the appeal of a place be captured in a photograph?


Scott Whittemore

Can the appeal of a place be captured in a photograph?

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Pencil : Photos as pencil drawings


Yuriy Stul (den123)

Photos as pencil drawings

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Rolling Thunder Washington DC Memorial Day Honoring Veterans : Ride For Freedom XVIII, May 29th, 2005 - Rolling Thunder®, Inc.'s major function is to publicize the POW-MIA issue.  To educate the public of the fact that many American prisoners of war were left behind after all past wars. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action.  We are committed to helping American veterans from all wars.

May 25, 2008: Rolling Thunder roared into Washington, D.C., on Sunday for its annual veterans tribute, bringing together an estimated 350,000 motorcyclists — along with thousands of activists, fans and spectators. Bikers from the group's 88 chapters —across the country and overseas— came together to bring attention to U.S. service members held captive or missing in action. Riders took off on their rumbling "Ride For Freedom," driving from the Pentagon, across the Potomac River by way of the Memorial Bridge and on to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The party-like atmosphere was punctuated by speeches, tributes and music. Actor John Amos, who read Gen. Colin Powell's "A Letter to a Soldier" lent his voice to the cause. "This is the most important gathering I have ever been apart of. I share their convictions that all these men and woman must be accounted for. We live in the greatest country in the world, and a gathering like this confirms that we have more freedom," Amos said.  President Bush also met with some of the group's organizers, and described the parade of motorcycles — many adorned with the American flag as "a magnificent sight. "I am just so honored, and I want to thank you and all your comrades for being patriotic and loving our country as much as you do," said Bush. Organizers then presented President Bush with a leather biker's vest and cap. Rolling Thunder 21, along with honoring the families of fallen and missing service members, are advocating for the fair treatment of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rolling Thunder Washington DC Memoria...


Ride For Freedom XVIII, May 29th, 2005 - Rolling Thunder®, Inc.'s maj ...

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Faces in the Crowd : This the gallery of people from all over the United states .I keep adding to the gallery as I see interesting people ,which I belive are the most intersting subjects .Enjoy the journey

Faces in the Crowd


This the gallery of people from all over the United states .I keep add ...

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Rasmussen, Richard Kai : Third son of Jens and Hulda Rasmussen 
1916-1944  KIA WWII (Phlippines)

Rasmussen, Richard Kai

wayne rasmussen

Third son of Jens and Hulda Rasmussen 1916-1944 KIA WWII (Phlippines ...

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Individuals : Interesting faces of people I know.  And some I don't know. Some of these shots were taken in my studio, some on the street, still others on the stage.



Interesting faces of people I know. And some I don't know. Some of th ...

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Beautiful Korea :

Beautiful Korea


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🍎 Watch First Impression 🍎 Helpful Use Tips 🍎 This Wearable is the Future : Watch • First Impressions & Review • Helpful Use Tips .  <p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch, Easy Set-Up Guide and Helpful Use Tips for Watch</b>.  As Apple is currently delivering the Watch globally, this article will give new and potential Watch owners and early adopters our First Impressions, helpful use tips for its set-up and pairing with your iPhone, configuration settings. 

<b>Click onto this LINK to Read this Article on our WordPress site with full graphic support:<u>


<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Speaking from experience, Marilyn and I ordered Watches, on-line using the Apple Store App</b>. Marilyn chose the 38mm Stainless Steel Watch paired with the Milanese band. I chose the 38mm Stainless Steel Watch with the Link Bracelet. Apple designed the Watch so that regular folks are able to remove and change Watch bands, without any tools or special talents.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>  Watch was Engineered to facilitate users buying several watch-band colors and types</b> to suit a particular occasion, season, activity, or mood, effortlessly. No miniature tools, screwdrivers, and no special talent needed. Marilyn received her Watch on April 28th, my Watch arrived May 15th, shipping on the date promised on the pre-order. Our pre-order was placed on-line 5am on April 10. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">   <b>Watch Background. </b>Given the Apple brand has an unmatched consumer base, we think Apple's wearables category is their "silver bullet" product, that will start to move consumers toward this new avenue of technology growth, and drive adoption of the Watch.  Management indicated recently that current demand is exceeding supply, and Apple is ramping up to meet demand. We think Apple has a massive opportunity with this new technology, that will open up many doors for enterprises looking to create applications, services, and solutions around the Watch market with Apple commanding a very strong lead in this niche market, currently niche, soon to be main-stream. When in the Apple Store, I interviewed some of the sales associates who indicated that customers were switching to the iPhone 6, so that they could buy the Watch and pair them.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Impressions - Packaging</b>.  Apple learned long ago that "Packaging" is critical in creating a "First Impression."  The Watch packaging takes this notion to an even higher level. Firstly, the Shipping Carton and the two shock-resistant separators are carefully engineered to house the Watch product Box. I interviewed the UPS driver who was delivering thousands of Watch boxes last week who said there were many enthusiastic Watch buyers awaiting their delivery, self included.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b> Watch Impressions - The Watch Case</b>. The carton and its two inserts precisely protect the product box. The product Box is pure white, and built with a heavy-weight polished cardboard, thicker and more sturdy than any other Apple product box I've seen to date. Lift Out the product box, at 5.5" top and bottom, by 3.75" tall. Inside this box is a beautifully crafted 4mm thick-walled, pure-white poly-carbonate Watch-Case with 1/4" rounded edges and corners, with a relief Apple Logo impressed on its lid. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> The Watch Product Box and the Watch-Case Box are machined to such tolerances, a vacuum is created when lifting the lids. Remove another layer of cellophane, lift up the heavy gauge synthetic lid, and the Watch simply rests in its middle, worn on "C" shaped insert. Underneath this impressive Watch-Case, the bottom of the product box contains an induction-charging cable, charger, and brief pictorial instruction pamphlet. Everything about the packaging has been engineered with precision. Its so impressive I had to spent a few moments telling you about the Boxes. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b> When meeting People for the first time, or when presented a new Product...

<i><p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">You Never get a Second Chance at making a First Impression, and Apple knows it</i></b>.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Impressions - The Watch.</b>  Marilyn and I visited our local Apple retail store for their "Try-On Reservations" that we booked for noon Sunday on April 12.  The Apple staff was well trained and very helpful, as they placed each Watch and Band that we were interested in, in our case: The Stainless Watch with the Black Sports Band, the Stainless Milanese Band, the Modern Leather Buckle, and the Stainless Link Bracelet. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> Watch Try-On at the Apple Store was about a 20 minute adventure. These try-ons were used to confirm the selections we made on-line, actually 2 Days before on April 10th.  We then moved over to the stand-up counters on the store's perimeter, where we played with the Watch models, to get used to the digital-crown, the side button, the settings, watch-face selections, and the ease to personalize the watch-faces with content and colors for the numerals, second hand, etc. A valuable experience.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Impressions - Our Watches.</b> Admittedly, after unpacking each Watch at home, "in the flesh" the Watch is even more impressive than we imagined at the Apple Store. Both watches arrived with their battery 90% charged, so we moved directly to the Set-up procedure, which is another Watch miracle. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> The pairing process is simple and almost entirely automated. Simply start the Watch, after a few Q&A's then a circular display shows on the Watch-face, you then awaken your iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus, and use the iPhone Camera to focus onto the illuminated Watch-face (an automated caption signals you to image the Watch-face) and within a few seconds the devices are paired for bluetooth and your home WiFi. Then the Watch set-up enters an automated synchronization of your compatible iPhone-Watch Apps that you'd like on your Watch, you can choose which Apps you'd like. Don't select all, be selective. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.  

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch - One more Set-Up thing.</b>  Once the automated setup is completed, return to your iPhone and launch the App named Apple Watch. At the menu Tap onto Notifications, and examine each line-item, like Activity, Calendar, Mail, Maps, Messages... and make selections that you want to appear on your Watch. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">   <b>Watch eMail</b>, if you use the iPhone's VIP eMail, then only your VIP email messages will come to the Watch, rather than every email. I have 12 email accounts on my iPhone 6 Plus, and have carefully indicated which email-contacts are VIP. Of my 3,176 contacts, likely 200 have been chosen to be VIP, where only these very important Contact emails will Notify me on my Watch. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> If you are not utilizing Apple's VIP capability, this is a terrific time to choose your VIP eMail Contacts. this is a simple process and does not change the email arrangements in your iPhone, the VIP method only limits the emails that are transferred to your Watch. Tinker with it, and if you have difficulties, call Apple Help or make a Genius-Bar appointment at your local Apple Store.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch - iPhone VIP eMail.</b> With the Watch we only want the important "Notifications" showing on the Watch. Utilizing your iPhone and iPad VIP mail box is the perfect tool so that All your eMail   does NOT show up on your Watch, just the VIP email. Notice on the APP screen-images, check "Custom" rather than "Mirror my iPhone." 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch Recommendation, Check ✔️mark </b>only the eMail accounts that you desire notification onto your Watch, and ✔️mark the VIP line-item. We have heard from many Watch users, complaining that they receive too many notification on their Watch. eMail and SMS Text Messaging are usually the culprits; therefore, take a few moments to be more specific with your Watch notifications, rather than having all the  Notifications "Mirroring your iPhone."

<p style="font-size:100%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch, with each Article that's published, I like to include some additional information about the Watch, as this new Apple product is extraordinary</b>. Personally, we fully appreciate the new Watch commercials {clip #1}... the Sounds, the Animation, the Colors, the Beat... having seen these clips a few times... Goose-Bumps for sure, take a look for yourself. If you don't get at least ONE Goosey watching the first-clip, you may want to consider some therapy.  Have a great DAY 

A)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/#film-welcome
B)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=rise&#film-rise
C)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=up&#film-up
D)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=us&#film-us
E)  https://www.apple.com/watch/guided-tours/#film-siri
F)  https://www.apple.com/watch/guided-tours/#film-music
G)  https://www.apple.com/watch/guided-tours/#film-welcome
H)  https://www.apple.com/watch/guided-tours/#film-phone-calls
J)  https://www.apple.com/watch/guided-tours/#film-messages
K)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=steel&#film-steel
L)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=aluminum&#film-aluminum
M)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/?cid=gold&#film-gold
N)  https://www.apple.com/watch/films/


<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Quick Summary. The entire "Pairing" process takes less than 10 minutes, plus 5 minutes to remind ourselves how easy it is to use and set-up</b>. Visiting our local Apple Store several weeks ago was very helpful, as it prepared both of us for this new wearable device and its controls.  

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> In preparation of this article, I knew that detailed step-by-step dialogs would not be necessary.  As we were getting Marilyn's Watch up and running, the process was actually effortless; therefore this article was easy to deliver to you, and had extra time for some Use Tips and Suggestions, so Relax and Enjoy.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>The beauty of the Watch and its Operating System, is its simplicity, and its intuitive operation.</b>  Watch is very easy to Set-up, the Syncing is automated, and Customization is intuitive and easy to perform.  As a seasoned "gadget guy" there is nothing more annoying than receiving a revolutionary product, that has been released with complicated or untested instructions, or where the instructions are the result of a terrible translation, with critical errors that frustrate the use of a new product. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"><b>Watch set up and personalizing the features for you is effortless yet comprehensive. To get things going fast you can use the Watch default settings, then optimize later once you become more comfortable with everything. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">It quickly became obvious that Apple's team designed a flawless, practiced, automated Watch set-up process</b>. Everything about the Watch is top quality. Even the Packaging of the Watch is outstanding, as it rests inside a heavy-weight white polycarbonate Jewelry Box, is impressive too, all of which gives an excellent first impression, as we opened it and removed the contents.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch being a technology product, we purchased AppleCare+  which increases the Warranty period to 2 years</b>, and <i>importantly adds <u>Accident Coverage</u> in the event you drop it, break it</i>, you youngster throws it out the window..., any cause that is not covered by the warranty, except loosing it.  

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch is <u>IPX7 Water Resistant.</u> </b> Dropping it into the the dirty dish-water, bath tub, or shower, will not damage the Watch. However, with <b>AppleCare+</b> you must return the Watch to an Apple Store or Apple Service Center, to receive coverage, repair, or replacement, even if you bring your Watch back to Apple in a zip-lock bag crushed in pieces. Currently <b>AppleCare+</b> provides 2 Years of coverage, and is priced at a $69 premium.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"><b>  Watch Order Status: Surprise, the Apple Store changed Marilyn's Order Status on April 27th from "Processing Items" to "Preparing for Shipment,"</b> several hours later, Marilyn's credit card was charged $687.94 for the Watch, the band, and FL sales tax.  The $69 <b>AppleCare+</b> premium was charged to her credit card on April 12th.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Preparation #1. </b> In preparation for delivery of the Watch, we updated both our iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.3 as this version includes the Watch Pairing APP which links your new Watch to your iPhone. The Watch is compatible and may be paired with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus. Earlier versions of iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, etc are not compatible with the Watch and will not "Pair."

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Preparation #2. </b>While you are updating your iPhone to iOS 8.3 begin unpacking the Watch and the Charging cable, plug it in and Charge the Watch. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Preparation #3. </b> Launch the AppleWatch APP. This App was automatically installed on your iPhone's Home Screen as part of the iOS 8.3 update. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch Side-Button is located on the side of the case next to the Digital-Crown, that serves as the equivalent of the Power on/off button at the top of an iPhone</b> 5, or the right-side of the iPhone 6, opposite the Volume buttons. Watch arrived fully charged and in sleep mode; press and hold the Side Button to wake it up, and you will see the Apple logo for several moments, before the Watch interface starts.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch should arrive charged, in our case it was 100% charged.  Watch charging works via wireless induction</b>. The charger is a small white circular Disk, a bit larger in size than three 25¢ coins; plug the USB cord it in, and then the charger body into your A/C Power line, then mate the back of the Watch with magnetic-charging Disk. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>As the Magnetic Charging-Disk is placed on the back of the Watch</b> an icon appears on the Watch-display that reads "Charging" the message will soon disappear, and a "lightning-bolt" icon remains displayed at the top of the Watch-display, indicating that the Watch is charging; However, our Watch arrived fully charged. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">  <b>Watch Set Up and Pair with your iPhone.</b> The rest of the setup requires the iPhone you plan to use with the Apple Watch. Start up the Watch App on your iPhone and you'll be prompted to turn-on Bluetooth if you haven't already done so. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;">
<b>Next, the Watch App will prompt you to line up the display-screen of the Watch with your iPhone's Camera </b>as directed. You'll notice that the Watch automatically detects the presence of your iPhone readying both for pairing; the Watch then displays an attractive circular image, that represents your Watch-codes that the iPhone camera scans, loading proprietary Coding that creates secure-paring sequences, so that you don't have to enter any digits or coding.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Set Up Options and Preferences. Firstly, you are to follow the Watch App preference requests</b>, as to whether you're going to wear the Watch on your left or right wrist. Then you'll be asked to enter your Apple ID password that you also use on your iPhone. The balance of the preferences are shown to you, for your personalized use of the Watch, and the notifications that you desire to be linked with your iPhone. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Telephone Calls.</b> Just for fun, once we completed the initial Watch setup, BTW, she selected the Mickey-Mouse watch-face... Marilyn called my iPhone using her Watch. I dashed into our library, 100 feet away, to answer her telephone call... to my surprise her voice quality was excellent. She did not hold her Watch closer to her mouth for the Call. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> If I didn't know better, I would have believed she called using her iPhone. When Marilyn was listening to me speak, the Watch delivered very clear Audio; however, the Watch's miniature speaker is effective, but likely an issue in a noisy location. She held the Watch about 14" away, a comfortable distance as if she was looking at the Watch-face checking the time. Bottom line, if you answer a Telephone Call using your Watch, the caller will receive excellent voice clarity from your Watch.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Initial Observation 1.</b> Marilyn reports from her office that having her iPhone 6+ on her credenza, and "floating around" her Banking Center, her Watch remained continuously synced with her iPhone; however, the iPhone battery may experience additional demand. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Initial Observation 2.</b>In her first day in her office, iPhone battery drain was higher than usual; However, in Day-Two and Day-Three, there was no apparent significant iPhone battery drain. My conclusion, is Marilyn's iPhone may have had several Apps open on her iPhone in Day-One that was constantly "Refreshing Data" causing battery consumption. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch Initial Observation 3.</b> Marilyn's Watch after Three Days of use is functioning perfectly.  Note, Marilyn took off her beautiful Lady-Cartier (that she has been wearing for 30 years) whose watch-case measures 24mm. Now she's donned her new Watch with a Stainless Steel watch-case of 38mm, with the Milanese band. The Watch is quite a size and style change for Marilyn. She is also looking forward to adding several Colored Sports bands too.  I'm delighted that in only 4 days, she has fully adopted the Watch with its <i>subtle connectivity and the TAP... TAP... wrist notifications</i> rather than constantly looking to her iPhone 6. There are several images that show the relative size of  her 24mm Cartier watch compared to the 27mm Watch Charger Disk.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Suggestion, attach your iPhone to its Charger to maintain the iPhone's battery, as you leave your iPhone at your desk or credenza</b>, while you move around your office {or home}. The Watch Battery is functioning fine though; its the iPhone that may consume more power to maintain the Watch-iPhone connectivity. Otherwise, make sure your iPhone does not have too many "Data Refreshing Apps" open. Surely Apple will be optimizing the current iOS 8.3 operating system to address this excessive iPhone battery drain when its "linked" to the Watch.

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b> OH one more thing Watch has earned a "Water Resistance Rating" of IPX7 under IEC Standard 60529 </b> {International Electrotechnical Commission, is a non-profit, non-governmental international standards organization that creates and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies}. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch briefly, in addition to being something you'll love to wear every day, the Watch is also water resistant</b>, therefore you may wash your hands, take a shower while wearing it, or be out in the rain, and may be submerged in water 3 feet or 1 Meter in depth, as defined by the International Standard classification of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529. 

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"> <b>Watch, the fine-print about its IPX7 rating</b> reads:  The device is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. This Water Resistance rating means, the Watch is capable of "<i> ...withstanding incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter in depth, for up to 30 minutes, for Indoor or outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow or brief splashes of water; However, any immersion in water greater than 1 meter in depth, regardless of duration of immersion, or any immersion of more than 30 minutes, regardless of depth of immersion exceeds the IPX7 Standard...</i>"  Below is a summary of the Water Resistance IPX7 rating as it relates to the Watch:

<p style="font-size:125%;"><p style="line-height:119%;"><b>(A) Immersion of the Watch in Water</b>  deeper than 1 meter or 3 feet, for any length of time may render the Watch inoperable
<b>(B) Immersion of the Watch in Water</b> at 1 meter or 3 feet for more than 30 minutes may render the Watch inoperable
<b>(C) Immersion of the Watch in Water</b> at any depth for more than 30 minutes may render the Watch inoperable.

<img src="http://fau4u2.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/1425139400.jpg" title="🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 Previously Reported 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴" class="aligncenter size-full" width="600" height="32" />

<img src="http://fau4u2.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/1425139400.jpg" title="🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 Previously Reported 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴" class="aligncenter size-full" width="600" height="32" />

🍎 Watch First Impression 🍎 Help...


Watch • First Impressions & Review • Helpful Use Tips  ...

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Fort Worth :

Fort Worth


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