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Detroit Dragway - Photos - 1960s : Detroit Dragway: opened in 1959 in the middle of a farm area in a rural city about 25 miles south of Detroit.  It was instantly a hit with crowds filling the bleachers or milling around the pits.  The close, friendly atmosphere became a family for many and a perfect opportunity to try out new automotive creations in racing and finally a legal place to do it.  Before the strip opened, competition for the fastest car would take place in that same area's back roads and at the time, another popular place to race was Woodward Avenue.  This gallery, from the original negatives taken by Professional Sports Photographer, Joe Stevens,  shows those people and their race cars from that decade, the 1960's, of the front engine dragsters, gassers, funny cars, street rods, stock cars, dealership sponsored race cars, local corner engine shop or garage creations, from self made, custom to altered, modified, kits, inventions of the early days of racing.  To experience larger sized photos from your computer, just click on chosen photo & find the sizes icon on the bottom right.

Detroit Dragway - Photos - 1960s


Detroit Dragway: opened in 1959 in the middle of a farm area in a rura ...

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FRAM Autolite NHRA Nationals - July 26, 2009 :

FRAM Autolite NHRA Nationals - July 2...

Dale Lewis

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Christmas 2014 :

Christmas 2014


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Abby 5th Birthday Party :

Abby 5th Birthday Party


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Longwood Garedens 12-21-2014 :

Longwood Garedens 12-21-2014


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Evadale 12-13-2014 :

Evadale 12-13-2014


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Detroit Dragway - Photos - Legends of the 60s : Detroit Dragway -  Legends in their own time, setting landmark records, thrilling the masses with their drive for speed.  Detroit Dragway had some of the greatest names in drag racing that became known for their major contributions in drag racing history:  Connie Kalitta set the 1st official record for going 200 mph & has developed his name, Kalitta Motorsports, into one of the most innovative, technical engineering, names in the Nitro, Full Throttle, Mopar & Funny Car drag racing community.  Although the Greek & a few other race car drivers that started racing before Detroit Dragway ever existed, will dispute who was the actual first to break the 200 mph barrier, I'm sure a few of the top ten did it before it was ever officially recorded.  Kalitta chose the name the "Bounty Hunter" because of his passion to win & check off each of the racers whose names he once had listed on the side of one of his dragsters, Don Nicholson became synonymous with the dynamometer fondly known "Dyno" Don Nicholson, Don Garlits Speed Shop became the "Swamp Rat" by the suggestion of a friend that knew Don as a skinny kid from the Florida swamps, Chris Karamesines, being of Greek descent, became known as the "Golden Greek"  Al Bergler, who also built his machines from scratch, is pictured here in a dragster coupe named "More Aggravation", won the very 1st Riddler Award with later fame of the "Motown Shaker" & some others, well remembered that Joe Stevens captured on professional film are included among this collection such as the Logghe Brothers, Poncho Rendez, Dick Harrell, the Ramchargers, Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick and Della Woods, are just some of the drag racing legends who left their mark on Detroit Dragway history.  This collection is one of a kind  & guaranteed to be of the finest quality or your money back by Detroit Dragway Professional Sports Photographer, Joe Stevens (Professionally digitized from each individual negative & released by copy right only by his daughter, Patrice (Stevens) Lehman.

Detroit Dragway - Photos - Legends of...


Detroit Dragway - Legends in their own time, setting landmark records ...

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Motor City Dragway Photos 1968 : Motor City Dragway Photos of some old time favorites such as Roger Lindamood's Color Me Gone Charger in 1968 and Terry Hedricks Seaton's Super Shaker Nova, front engine dragsters & more.

Motor City Dragway Photos 1968


Motor City Dragway Photos of some old time favorites such as Roger Lin ...

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US 30 Dragstrip (A Private Collection) : A special thanks to Larry Rzepczynski and Bill Terek

US 30 Dragstrip (A Private Collection)


A special thanks to Larry Rzepczynski and Bill Terek

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Drag Racing : Speedworld Raceway Park

Speedworld is a 320-acre racing property off U.S. 60 and Jomax Road in Wittmann. The track started as a drag strip and slot- and sports-car course in 1961. Today, it also includes a motocross course, off-road truck course and paintball range. The site is well-known in the racing community and each year holds nationally televised motocross and off-road truck events.
Maricopa county officials forced the closing of Speedworld in June of 2012. They say Speedworld owner Dan Matthews has not secured the proper permits, and they have asked him to close the northwest Valley track.

Speedworld was an important economic engine for the Northwest Valley. It provided over $ 1 million dollars a year in economic value to the valley. It provided a valuable resource for the racing community including law enforcement in outreach to youth.  The Surprise Police department had a race-equiped police car complete with lights and siren that competed in "Beat The Heat" races as a community outreach program.  

Source (first paragraph): http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2012/06/07/20120607speedworld-must-close-maricopa-county-says.html#ixzz2wVyGkmjH

Drag Racing


Speedworld Raceway Park Speedworld is a 320-acre racing property off ...

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