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March 23, 2013. It's still winter here in Maryland and I'm tired of snow pictures, so this is from my archives.
May 24, 2013. Peony
It seems we've alternated between sub-zero temps and huge snowstorms for the last few weeks - makes for a very frozen winter wonderland!    Kerry 12/19/2010
July 30, 2011.  Beetle and a Scottish thistle. I am blown away by all the photographs that are posted today, everyone must be really inspired... You guys rock!!! So proud to be a part of this community!
July 27, 2011.  Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Richmond, VA. Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my photograph yesterday. You guys are the best!
Some color for our Thursday    Kerry 02/17/2011
May 19, 2011.  Bleeding Hearts.
Simply reflections..............    The color comes from evergreens and grasses - no more leaves.  Hope your weekend is a good one!    Kerry 11/27/10
March 28, 2012. Trees with white blossoms line a driveway. I live just over the hill.
April 8, 2012. Dogwood
Achillea Filipendulina...'Coronation Gold.'   Common name Fernleaf Yarrow.    Have a blessed day!
Have a great week - hope your weekend wasn't too spooky!    Kerry 11/1/2010

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