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More spring flowers  2011-04-19  Not too sure about the crop here - perhaps a bit tighter?  I blurred the background (which was a white wall anyway).  In any case, like yesterday's picture, this is from the gardens of the baroque palace Schloss Hof in Austria.
7-14-2009…  Sunset Sycamore.    Okay…  Out at the BBQ and no daily shot, I wander the yard…  (I gotta get out more often, too many in the yard shots.)  The setting sun was on these sycamore leaves.    I wish there were more separation between the two main leaves; they seem to blend together too much…
10-19-2009...  Bug On Crocus    This is when I wish I could get closer...
It's a little early for these in Fargo.  However, irises are one of my favorites!  The gardens at NDSU are amazing when in bloom.    Best seen XLarge!    Have a blessed day!
April 13, 2013. Blossom
May 26, 2013. I can't remember what these are called... other than beautiful!!! Ah yes, Foxgloves! Thanks so much, you guys are the best and I'm glad you noticed the little hairs inside. What a surprise they were when I saw this on my computer. Also, thanks Terry for the info about Digitalis coming from this plant. I did know, even though I couldn't remember anything last night, that the botanical name for Foxgloves is Digitalis but I never put the two together... very interesting!
Coming soon to a garden near you....    Have a blessed day!
Spring isn't far off....    We've got a predicted heatwave for is supposed to be 24 degrees above zero.  Sounds awful to most of you.  However, compared to yesterday's 18 below, it's a welcome change.      Have a blessed day!
perfection. flowers are perfect.
While looking at that farmstead, we found irises!  The wind was blowing about 25 mph so there is certainly some luck involved here.    Be blessed.

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