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Orchid   Given to my wife without instructions. We give it two weeks, but we'll enjoy so longs as it lasts.
Everyone going shopping today?  LOL, not me!      Gazania are lovely flowers that you don't see often.  They are in the aster family and native to South Africa.  Drought tolerant and not eager to bloom on cloudy days.  Enjoy.
Blue Flowers, Example of Narrow Depth of Field
This is a lovely spot where the flowage comes into the lake.  A pair of loons nest nearby and you can hear the frogs.
Kerry   8/28/2012
Sunflower Starfish  © 2009 Colleen M. Griffith. All Rights Reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, modified, or redistributed in any way without written agreement with the creator.  This image is registered with the US Copyright Office.    Sunflower Starfish on the hunt at Pacific Coast Tidal Pools, California.  These starfish typically have 22 to 26 legs and are considered voracious hunters and the "Porshe's" of the starfish world.  You wouldn't believe how fast they move and can be a bit of a challenge to photograph in a Tidal Pool setting (since I'm photographing through the water surface).  Their typical food is sea urchins and other starfish.
Looking forward to spring
A lotus blooms every morning from a garden pot on the magical island of Kauai.
Taken at NDSU yesterday.  Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris - "What Again."    Best viewed XLarge.  I've never seen this cultivar and find it's colors quite unusual.    I'm off for a day in Tamarac Wildlife Refuge.  Have a blessed day.
Sunset And Spring
D267-2008 Autumn Crocus  Late blooming beauties.    One of the few plants still in bloom on the Hosta Hillside at Hidden Lake Gardens happened to have these large, yet delicate, upturned blooms.  Can someone enlighten me on what they might be?  SE Michigan  Late September, 2008    Note added:  Thanks for the comments, and the identification of this as 'Autumn Crocus', or colchicum.  Makes sense, as it looks like crocus.
Today a people's view of yesterday's shot......    Will be out of town for a week (again).  Feel like I just caught up with comments and will need to do it again.  Enjoy your weekend and I will see you all in a week.    Kerry  8/13/2010

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