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9-29-2010…  Yellow This Time…    Yes, I got lazy…did not take a shot today…  This is the color version of the B&W I posted couple days back.  Personally I prefer the B&W, guess that is why I posted it first.
Shasta Daisy
 DSC_7470 daisy bloom flower purple 2010 1
Coral Bell...actual name I believe is Calibrocha- tiny petunia like flowers.  I have been away & have to check everyone's contributions now ! Missed you guys !
Red on Green.
My first attempt at using Helicon Focus.  It almost has a 3D appearance.
• This photo was taken at Rockledge Gardens  • A Sigma Ring Flash was used to take this photo  • LR3 and PS CS4 was used to enhance this photo

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Photo by: MichaelSullivan · See photo in original gallery.