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"Plumeria Kaleidoscope"with Focal B & W
Rather balmy in Fargo today....projected high of 22 degrees.    Be blessed!
Rose of Sharon not opened
It is incredible what deep and rich colors those Mountain Ashes turn in the fall! Unfortunately, this year they stayed green (silly trees) in early October (which is normal for our trees here) but the snows hit and we got brown, dead leaves instead of these beautiful colors...
My heart...
"Yellowstone's Grand Canyon" This was taken on our second full day of the photo shoot,and our second and last day on Snowmobiles.This was in the beginning of March 2009.I have heard that they dropped the daily snowmobile's allowed in the Park per day from circa 720 to 320.
Yellow Sunrise Rose
Grass with raindrops taken using an off camera flash.  The black and white was done with a black and white layer over the color original and then the opacity was set at 80% so some of the green comes through.

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Photo by: MichaelSullivan · See photo in original gallery.