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D110-2012 Nodding trillium 05 white form  Nodding (T. cernuum) or Drooping (T. flexipes) or some cultivar or hybrid.  This doesn't have the pink or red anthers that characterize wild nodding trillium, but it does have the recurved petals that distinguish nodding from drooping trillium.  Plants of seemingly identical form, both as to leaf and flower shapes and sizes, bore both red and white flowers (not on the same plant!).  They were all seen along the wetland path in the Main Valley    Nichols Arboretum, Ann Arbor, Michigan  April 20, 2012  (nex5n)
Zebra looking creature
XLarge for the best detail...even the bug!    Have a blessed day!
May 16, 2011    An SOOC shot of a small portion of a field of Texas wildflowers known as Indian Blankets.  These are one of my favorite wildflowers because I so love their bright & cheery colors.    Here's another shot (macro) of a single Indian Blanket.    Best regards,    Linda
Calla lily. In natural light through my living room window...
Red berries hiding in the gray of late December, 2010.    Best viewed in X3.    To see the entire tree, click here:    Happy Days, Linda

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Photo by: John E Enterline · See photo in original gallery.