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Chives in bloom.    Have a blessed day!
June 22, 2013. Peony
Happy Thanksgiving to all.      Sticking with the flower theme, here's a humble gazania.    May your day be blessed and spent with family and friends.
On and in the water    Well a different night at our house last nigh - no phone, no TV and no internet - a cable line was cut at a local construction site - so we entertained oursevelves with books and cardgames!  However, it also meant I couldn't see any of your wonderful photos - so I  will be looking at them today - can't wait to see what you guys posted!    Kerry 12/03/2010
June 4, 2011. Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA
Any thoughts on the ideal size for a photography studio?  I really like to shoot outdoors.  However, winters in Fargo are a bit rough on style!  ;)    I'm thinking 30 x 50 with 14-16' ceilings.  A bit large but then I'd have room for my woodworking tools.  :)
April 9, 2013. Blossoms. Thank all of you so much for your nice comments on yesterdays blossoms, you guys are so wonderful! I'm so busy right now, my daughter and her 3 little daughters have been visiting, I'm still working 6 days a week and I'm getting my garden ready for planting... there are just not enough hours in the day.
Thanks for all the comments yesterday and the lens advice.  Not sure which way I'll go yet.  The 24-105L is a great lens.  And there is a 70-200 F4 without IS which is a bargain at $600.    There is an alternate shot of this iris in gallery!    Have a blessed day!
2-12-2010...  Mellow Yellow Daffy    I admit to some pp being done...  The large daffodiles are starting to bloom now.  This is the first of them a pure yellow, simple corona.  These are about 2-3/4 inches wide.
Thanks for the warm welcome back!  Seems like I've been on an extended break.  Here's another iris....hopefully for your enjoyment!      Best viewed XLarge.    Have a blessed day!
Fargo's forecast isn't good.  Someone please turn down the wind machine and pump some sunlight this way...
April 8, 2012. Blossoms. Happy Easter, have a wonderful day.
Darrell's Pink Thing

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