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I like the softness and the shadows in this.  There is a subtle watercolor version in gallery.    Have a blessed day.
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris - "Dinky Doodle."  Taken at the NDSU gardens.  These bi-colors are some of my favorites.    Have a great Memorial Day.  My thanks and prayers for those who serve and have served  this great nation.  Be blessed.
Best viewed XLarge.  I believe this is called Pincushion Flower....scabiosa.    Havea blessed day!
April 15, 2011. Gazebo, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. Sorry that I haven't commented much this week. I've had internet connection issues and I'm on vacation and trying to get ready for my trip to the south of France. I'll be leaving Saturday, April 16th. I hope to continue making my posts and comments from there, but forgive me if I have no internet connection or I'm having too much fun. Just in case... have a great weekend to all, I love being a part of this community, I certainly feel as if I've made so many new and wonderful friends... you guys are the greatest!!!
April 16,2011. Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA.
Not your typical iris.  I don't know the variety because many of the plants at NDSU aren't labeled.  However, it found this one interesting because of the color and the sheen.    I'm off to the wildlife refuge.      Have a blessed day!
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris - Kiwi Capers.    Best viewed XLarge.    Thanks for all the comments on the Eastern Kingbird yesterday.    Be blessed.
Beauty slowly fading....

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