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Exctraction, etude
My upload issues seem to be solved.  Wow, it's enough to make you cuss!  After ping tests, speed tests, and line quality tests, I can only surmise there was some bad ju- ju in the line.  LOL.  I did what's called a "hard reboot" this morning and things are better.    Have a blessed day!
Taken at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters.    Have a blessed day!
Strawflower - Bright Bikini Mix.    Have a blessed day.
 white rose_2
Best viewed XLarge.    Have a blessed day!
April  17, 2011. Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. Just arrived Amsterdam, sunny beautiful morning.
My winter protest continues!  Fargo had an interesting snow event.  Three inches of snow and temps around 34 degrees.  Because of the warm temp, an ugly combination was created...slush, water and snow.  Ever see a snow blower with water spurting out the the chute?  LOL    Have a blessed day!
Another Gazania from the "Daybreak Mix" collection.    Have a blessed day!
(12)."Courting"A Monarch(Danaus plexippus)with translucent Wings.The Monarch is a Milkweed Butterfly.
DCF 1.0
10-8-2009…  Pocus Crocus…    Dug these followers up out of a yard of an abandoned house down the street, just before the bull dozer came…  Now every fall they come up in our yard…  Dug up hundreds of bulbs mostly daffodils and this crocus.

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