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2-10-2010...Daffy Two...    Using the dailies to capture all the daffies in the garden as they bloom.  There is actually two different flowers here.  The lower bunch has a deeper yellow corona than the upper bunch.  Both of these are much paler than a similar one already posted.
Iris Dew
Lisianthus is a gorgeous flower.    Have a blessed today.
DCF 1.0
Have a blessed day!
(15)."Lantana Radient Radiation"
An archive shot!  Added a watercolor filter.  Best seen XLarge.  The original is in gallery.    Have a blessed day!
A zinnia to hopefully brighten your day!    Be blessed!
Repost - this is the processed version of a shot I posted recently.  LOL, I must have been having a 50s moment.    Anyone having upload issues?    Be blessed!    Something weird going on...this photo was just moved from an unlisted gallery.  Not only did smugmug leave a copy there, but comments posted in this gallery are posting on the same photo in the unlisted gallery.  LOL.  Smugmug gremlins?    Also, my caption comments posted here are posting into the unlisted gallery!  Scratching head......
McKee Botanical Garden - Water Lily (Natural light)
Who's Your Daddy

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