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D151-2014  Yellow rambling roses along a white fence    Side yard/fence along Geddes Avenue at Oswego Street, Ann Arbor  May 31, 2014  Title:  Ushering in Summertime
Tranquility  Flower pictured :: Daisy  Flower provided by :: Tagawa Gardens  050812_008240 ICC sRGB 16in x 24in pic
Primrose Forest
Ipomea purpurea
Iceland Poppy, Pink
Asiatic Lilies
"You lookin' at me?"  Closeup of a dragonfly.
I had fun trying to do 'suspended' seeds with this Salsify. It involved an off-camera flash and a hair dryer...and a LOT of missed shots!
Sunflower with Eastern Carpenter Bee.
This is the first bloom of the Canna bud that I submitted as POTD a few days ago.  There will be many more of these orange beauties coming out of this one stalk.    This photograph is protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of L Good -

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Photo by: Daniela Caneschi (foto) · See photo in original gallery.