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Black & White of a Yellow Sensation Water Lilly
Tulip Wide Open
There's millions of Texas bluebonnet pictures, and this is just another one, but I particularly liked the 'worn' spots on the leaves.    This photograph is protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of L Good -
March 23 - Perfect Ranunculus - This bud just opened this morning. I'm amazed at the perfect order of the petals. It's Spring and everything is bursting with new life. Just a few weeks ago my yard looked so desolate and now it's glorious. Isn't nature wonderful? This is full frame, but I wondered if I should crop to just that perfect flower, or leave it at my original thought of showing it in context. Always a dilemma.

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.