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3-10-2010…  Hidden Treasure    Yes, I must bore you with another daffodil shot again today…  I continue to photograph all the varieties we have and many get used for the dailies, fortunately not all…  This one I almost missed, it was hidden, and trying to avoid me.  Thought it was one I took already, a closer look and no, a new one.  Did not even realize we had this one like this…
August 10, 2011. A sunflower that's seen better days.
April 11, 2012. Blossoming trees by a split rail fence.
9-27-2010...  Yellow Or Not...
June 5, 2011. Garden at the National Cathedral, Washington, DC.
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July 15, 2011. I went back to get a photograph of the moth that showed his incredible wings.
7-30-2010…  Summer’s Red Seeds…    Not sure what these are, they grow wild in the park.  The leaves are a variegated green color come out during the wet months, they are dried and gone when the pods form.
August 15, 2011.  Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Richmond, VA.
April 6, 2012.  Another blossom. Not sure what it is. Thanks so very, very much for all of your wonderful comments yesterday, they are so greatly appreciated. I have learned so much from all of you and I am inspired daily by all of you. TGIF!!!
Zinnia - Benary Giant Wine!  One of my favorite annuals.    Best viewed XLarge.    Have a blessed day!
12-23-2010…  Daffy Times…    Took the dog for a walk out at the tree farm…found some daffies blooming.  The small ones are starting to show now.

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