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Calloselasma rhodostoma : Malayan Pit Viper

Calloselasma rhodostoma


Malayan Pit Viper

Updated: Feb 09, 2014 5:52pm PST

Aspidelaps lubricus : Coral Cobras

Aspidelaps lubricus


Coral Cobras

Updated: Feb 09, 2014 6:48am PST

Naja annulata : Ringed Water Cobra

Naja annulata


Ringed Water Cobra

Updated: Nov 23, 2013 5:02pm PST

Boa Constrictor longicauda : Longicaudas in our collection

Boa Constrictor longicauda


Longicaudas in our collection

Updated: Jul 18, 2013 10:28am PST

PC Aby Pastel Salmons : The PC Aby Project

I have been asked on many occasions about this project and it's origins. In an effort to illuminate those not familiar with the bloodline I will pen the details of what I know in this document from talking to Rich Ihle (the originator of the project) and John Bergman of and Mike Weitzman from and from  what they have written on the projects history.

First I think it germane to point out from the onset that Salmonboas' PC Aby Project and Basicallyboas Aby Project come down from the same foundation animals but have followed similar but different paths,  I digress.

In the late 1990's Rich Ihle bred to normal Colombians and produced a nice litter (22.24) that were extremely pink. In this litter there were 0.2 animals that were very dark and aberrant and had beautiful ladder tails. Rich held the 2 aberrant females and a number of the pinkest littermates back and began to refer to them as his PC (Pink Colombian) line. It is important to note at this juncture that the two aberrant girls had not yet been named.

Mike was taking pictures for Salmonboa in 2000 and the PC girls soon became some of Mikes favorite animals in Richs' collection, at that time no one thought that they were genetic. Rich ended up giving one of the aberrant females to Mike for services and he named her Aby, no doubt in short for aberrant, and further developed the line and dubbed them the “Aby Group”. Mike has produced some outstandingly beautiful animals from his “Aby Group”. Rich subsequently bred the “PC” girls into the Salmon line and has produced equally magnificent animals.

In 2005, in an effort to refine the look, Rich bred a very nice “PC Salmon back to one of the original sisters (the litter mate to Mikes Aby girl) in hopes he would produce a better, pinker Salmon boa. Imagine his astonishment when exactly 25% of the neonates exhibited the aberrant look! The rest of the litter were very nice Salmons and wild types. One of which is in our collection and one of our foundation animals. 

In 2006 Rich bred a pure “PC Aby Salmon” to an “EBV Red Group” female and almost half of the litter were again aberrant and very pink. One of them completely striped from head to tail. We were able to have fist pick of what was made available out of that litter and he resides in our facility to this day. The combination of the color and contrast from the “EBV Red Group” line combined with the pattern aberrantcies and color influence of the “PC Aby” line has proven to be an awesome combination!

During the 2011/2012 season we paired our 2007 “PC ABY”/ “EBV Red Group” Salmon male and our pure “PC Aby Salmon” female for breeding trials. We achieved very similar results as the 2005 and 2006 Salmonboa litters. We produced 7.8 Poss. Super “PC Aby Salmon” boas and 1.0 “PC Aby” all of which exhibit varying degrees of aberrant patterns and amazing color.
This selective breeding of ours has been anticipated for six years and did not disappoint. If you need to add color to your projects consider a “PC Aby Salmon”, won't you please

PC Aby Pastel Salmons


The PC Aby Project I have been asked on many occasions about this p ...

Updated: Jul 11, 2013 1:43pm PST

Crotalus simus : Rattlesnakes crosses

Crotalus simus


Rattlesnakes crosses

Updated: Jun 02, 2013 6:43pm PST

Roussis Reptiles : Roussis Reptiles strives to produce the most innovative and highest quality Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons, Ball Python x Blood Python Hybrids – known as “Superballs”, and Blue Tongue Skinks, both tiliqua gigas and tiliqua scincoides, in the world.

Roussis Reptiles


Roussis Reptiles strives to produce the most innovative and highest qu ...

Updated: Feb 17, 2013 8:15am PST

Protobothrops j. xanthomelas : Chinese Mountain Vipers

Protobothrops j. xanthomelas


Chinese Mountain Vipers

Updated: Jan 23, 2013 7:32am PST

Rob Starzman Pythons :

Rob Starzman Pythons


Updated: Jan 22, 2013 8:44pm PST

Roussis Reptiles : Roussis Reptlies is dedicated to reptile enthusiasts searching for the best reptiles in the world. Here you will find the most diverse and unique collection of Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons, Blood Python X Ball Python Hybrids – known as “Superballs”, and Blue Tongue Skinks, as well as all the information, photos, and guidance you need to assist you with the husbandry and reproduction of these rare and exotic animals.

Roussis Reptiles


Roussis Reptlies is dedicated to reptile enthusiasts searching for the ...

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