Photographer Tim Kemple

Climbing Ice - The Iceland Trifecta

Photographer Tim Kemple and two world-class climbers push the boundaries of their comfort zone by attempting to climb Iceland as it’s never been climbed before.

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The Adventure

Ephemeral Kingdom

Photographer Tim Kemple, two world-class climbers, and a film crew from SmugMug find that climbing Iceland’s greatest glacier pushed the limits of their comfort zone and brought out the best in them.

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Photography Tips

Tim Kemple’s Tips for Shooting in the Cold

Photographer Tim Kemple strives to capture situations and perspectives that few people would ever see, let alone feel comfortable experiencing. But don’t let the pursuit of discomfort ruin your shot. Here are his tips for surviving a cold night with your camera.

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The Climbing Perspective

A Guide to Ice Climbing Gear and Techniques

Two of Europe’s best ice climbers joined photographer Tim Kemple and a two-person film crew from SmugMug to explore the Vatnajökull, or Vatna, Glacier of southeastern Iceland. The ice climbing featured in the photo essay is unique because they were climbing on, and sometimes inside, Europe’s biggest glacier. Read more about essential equipment the ice climbers used to ascend these vertical landscapes of frozen water.

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