SmugVault: Safe Backup
Store everything for next to nothing.
SmugMug subcriber 30Bones's neighborhood after a tornado

Keep them safe.

"All I have left are my SmugMug photos."

SmugMug has saved many thousands of photos from floods, fires, tornadoes, and computer failures.

SmugMug provides unlimited uploads of JPG, GIF and PNG files with your subscription (and video files on Power and Pro accounts).

But what about your other files?

Introducing SmugVault.

SmugVault adds safe storage of other file types, such as RAW, TIFF, PDF, PSD—almost any files you can imagine. Including videos. Even Word and Excel files.

In partnership with Amazon. is the gold standard for safe yet inexpensive storage. Now you can use SmugMug for easy uploading, navigation & retrieval, while Amazon safely stores multiple copies of your files in its network of datacenters.

SmugVault Archive

Visual browsing.

SmugMug can display many graphic file types, so you'll see pictures, not just a list of filenames as you browse your SmugVault.

And we automatically bundle files in a gallery with the same name but different extensions. For example, Mary.jpg and Mary.tif will be bundled for display, but can be retrieved separately.


You could buy your own archival storage devices. Configure & maintain them. Replace them when they die. And worry about theft, fire, flood, and failure.

Or you could get a SmugVault. And let Amazon sweat the details.

Amazon Web Services

Use your Amazon account.

Amazon will bill you monthly for your SmugVault. Storage of JPG, GIF, and PNG files are included in your SmugMug subscription. Amazon only bills for other file types.

  • Storage costs $0.09 per gigabyte per month. If you upload the contents of a 4 GB memory card, you'll be out $0.36 per month for storage.
  • There is a $1/month recurring charge.
  • Data transfer in is free. Data transfer out is 12 cents per gigabyte.
  • Monthly addition to your home electrical bill: Zero.
Amazon Web Services

Sold! Where do I sign up?

Sign up for a SmugVault in your Account Settings.

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