Prints and Photo gifts

Prints - Paper Types

Standard prints are available in a large variety of sizes and crops, including square and panoramic.


Glossy is a shiny finish printed on Kodak Royal Paper (up to 12x30) or Kodak Endura Paper.


Lustre offers the vibrant colors of glossy with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish. Printed on Kodak Endura Paper. More info


Rich, distinctive prints with a huge WOW! factor. Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Metallic Paper. More info


Prints made by a large format inkjet printer using premium, archival inks. More info

Ready-to-hang ThinWrap

Ready-to-hang ThinWrap

Beautiful prints with satin laminate neatly wrapped around sturdy, 3/16" board. More info

Float Mounted Metal Print

Float Mounted MetalPrint

Durable, dye-infused aluminum sheets with incredible detail and luminescence. More info

Giclée Watercolor

Giclée Watercolor Prints

Heavy, 100% cotton-fiber paper with a subtle texture. More info

Giclée Canvas

Giclée Canvas Prints

Ready-to-hang canvas prints wrapped around a wooden frame or rigid board. More info

Photo Extras

Photo Extras

Now offering à la carte framing, mounting and print options to give your finished photo a perfect presentation. More info

Great Gift Ideas

Desktop Organizer Photo Panels Photo Puzzle Keepsake Box
Desktop Organizer Photo Panels Photo Puzzle Keepsake Box
Unique keepsake with three sections to hold your pens, pencils and other office items. More. Brilliant color reproduction on a hardwood panel. 5x7, 8x10. More. 252 piece puzzle in a sturdy black photo box. More. Cherry finish, with velvety interior and ceramic tile inlay on the lid. More.

Photo Mousepad Photo Playing Cards Photo Magnets
Photo Mousepad Photo Playing Cards Refrigerator Magnets
Rectangular neoprene mousepad with cloth and your favorite photo on the top. More. 52 pickup! Your photo on a high-quality poker deck. Jokers included. More. Flexible with strong magnetic backing. In two sizes: 2.5 x 3.5 and 3.5 by 5 inches. More.


Photo Postcard Ceramic Photo Mugs Photo Luggage Tag Photo Buttons
4x6 Postcard Ceramic Photo Mugs Photo Luggage Tag Photo Buttons
Printed on heavy card stock with a glossy finish. More. 11-ounce and 15-ounce in white, 11-ounce in black. More. 2.3 x 3.5-inch durable laminated tag. More. 3-inch and 4-inch high-quality pin-on buttons. (Some of your image is trimmed away.) More.

Photo Coasters Ceramic tile photo mosaic Photo Ceramic Tile Photo Stickers
Photo Coasters Ceramic Tile Mosaic Photo Ceramic Tile Photo Stickers
Set of four, each 4 inches square with cork back. More. Decorate the most important room in your home with these six 4-inch tiles that make a mosaic. More. 6" square, white ceramic. More. Your image on a sheet of twenty, 1.57" x 2.32" stickers. More.

Photo Key Tag
Photo Key Tag
1.75" x 2.25" with rounded corners. A hole will be punched for the plastic loop. More.

Stuff You Wear

Photo Apron
Photo Apron
Durable, large machine-washable apron. More.
buy digital download

A digital download is simply a version of the image or the video file, sized in one of several ways.

You can buy digital downloads at the sizes your photographer has made available, which may include the following:

Photo Downloads

  • A Web Size image is roughly 640x480 pixels in size, or 0.3 megapixels. It's great for sharing on social sites like Facebook.

  • A 1Mpix image is roughly 1 megapixel in size. In English, that means a square 1 megapixel image would be about 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high.

  • A 4Mpix image is 4 megapixels. Generally this would allow for printing up to 8x10.

  • An Original image is the exact image that the photographer has put online. It is the original size of the image, identical in every way.

Video Downloads

  • Web Size: up to 320 x 240 pixels.

  • iPod/DVD size: up to 640 x 480 pixels.

  • Mid-Def: up to 960 x 540 pixels.

  • Hi-Def: up to 1280 x 720 pixels.

  • Full HD: up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Note: Not all sizes are available for all images. Downloads are subject to a license agreement.

View Personal License

View Commercial License

Photo Albums

Montage photo albums

Create professional quality photo books in minutes. Available in four popular sizes, your Montage is sure to be a stunner with a cover featuring eco-friendly leather imported from Italy and high-density foam that makes your Montage soft to the touch. Once it's in your hands, you'll never want to let it go.

Using a layout algorithm that factors in over 20 different photo elements and featuring your choice of a dozen different themes, Montage will create an initial layout of your best photos in seconds. You can use the auto-magic generated layout or choose to customize any page layout or photo placement.

Professionals and photography enthusiasts alike will appreciate our silver halide printing and lay-flat pages that will show off your photos in vibrant colors and seamless panoramic spreads. Montage also offers a Pro service with client review options, logo-free books and gift boxes.

Whether for yourself, your business or someone special, your Montage photo book will look and feel like a labor of love. No one else needs to know how easy it was to make!

From $29 per book.

Get started.

Bookstore-quality Photo Books

Blurb photo books
Create beautiful, bookstore-quality photo books from your photos with Blurb. Use Blurb Bookify™ or Blurb BookSmart® to slurp photos from SmugMug and create a standout book with your choice of premium papers and cover options: hardcover, softcover or ImageWrap. Give your book the pro treatment with ProLine customization options like professional-grade papers, linen covers and a curated collection of end sheets. Get Started.

Posters and Mounting

fotoflot prints
fotoflōts are a hot new way to show off your photos. They display high-quality prints without glass, so your images explode off the wall with color and detail. No frames, no matting. You'll see all photo. Professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper then mounted onto 1/8" acrylic, the final step in this patented process is a laser trim and finish, leaving a gorgeous polished edge and a print that floats off the wall. Get started.

Greeting Cards

Photo Greeting Cards
Photo Greeting Cards
At SmugMug, you can turn your favorite photos into picture perfect photo cards right from your galleries. We offer a full catalog of beautiful, exclusive designs from a variety of independent designers, including Shoppe Designs. Fulfilled through EZ Prints, our cards come in two sizes and many styles to fit any occasion: Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations and more. If you are a SmugMug Pro with a Business account, you can even price and sell cards. Get started or read more.

Available sizes: 5x7 folded - 4x8 flat

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