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Impress your clients and sell your work.

Your Online Store

In addition to displaying your work beautifully to impress your clients, SmugMug gives them an easy way to buy. And we give you easy ways to price, promote, and get paid.


Pricelists let you choose which products to sell and for how much. Create one for weddings, another for newborn shoots, and others for sports. Give special photos their own price.

Digital Downloads

Your clients can buy digital copies of photos and videos you price—in bulk or individually. Price different resolutions, plus commercial or individual licenses.

Pro Labs

You can price professional prints and gifts from four of the most respected labs in the world: Bay Photo, WHCC, Loxley Colour, and EZ Prints.


Create as many coupons as you like to reward clients, issue print credits, grant free shipping, and allow friends and family to order your prints at cost.


Combine several products for one price to make shopping simple for your clients—and to sell more. Packages can be single or multi-image.

Your Brand

You can add your brand to the shopping cart, include a thank-you print inside each package, and place your brand on the outside of the box.

Events and Favorites

Events let you invite clients to multiple private galleries with a single link, so they can browse, mark favorites, and purchase your photos.

Proof Delay

Give yourself up to 7 days to retouch orders before releasing them. Your customers will be notified that you are busy perfecting their photos.

Personal Delivery

This setting directs your client’s orders to you, so you can hand-deliver them for maximum impact.

SEO and Analytics

SmugMug is optimized to be search-engine friendly. We also provide sales reports, extensive charts of your traffic, and the ability to use Google Analytics.

Assistant Accounts

Your assistants can have their own log-ins that let them upload and arrange but not delete or change sensitive settings.

International Currency and PayPal

We support the 10 most popular currencies plus PayPal, so the world is your marketplace.

100% Guarantee

Every order we ship has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If it isn’t perfect, we will replace or refund, whichever your client prefers.

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