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Our Story.

In 2002, when Internet companies were collapsing right and left, we decided to start SmugMug—a safe, beautiful home for our photos. We were two passionate photographers who happened to be father and son going up against the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Canon, and Kodak—but we did it anyway. We were too excited about the future of photography and technology to be reasoned with.

Passion became our business model. Digital cameras began outselling film cameras by 2003, and within three years of launching, we became trustees for the precious photos of 50,000 customers. Meanwhile, many of our competitors—the sharing sites of trusted brands—had all but disappeared.

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world have offered to buy us out over the years, but we’ve always turned them down. We’re already successful: we get to take care of billions of beautiful photos and millions of amazing customers every day.

Today, we’re as passionately dedicated to people who invest time, energy, and love into their photos as we were when we started. We strive each day to make you look good and to help you improve your craft. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, whether you’re branding your portfolio or documenting your life. As long as you care about photos, you’re in.

Welcome to SmugMug.

" of the top company brands in its field and one of the most-liked and most-respected personal brands."

"...lets you make money by selling your photos to your admirers online."

"...the strikingly handsome photography site."

"It’s partly that gadget-head spirit that has made SmugMug such a hit with customers."

"...some seriously beautiful new portfolio layouts, a much-improved back-end, and an all new...well...everything. They totally nailed it..."

"Sell prints and host your photos in customizable image galleries that are pleasing to the eye."

Heroic support 24/7/364.*

*We take one day off every year. Just one. The rest of the year, day in and day out, our team of support heroes will be here to answer your questions. In fact, we’ll always respond within 24 hours. Why? Because photography and helping people are the two things we love best.

The SmugMug community.

If you’re looking for extra inspiration or photography education, you’ve come to the right place. We are constantly amazed by the collective brain and imagination of our wide-reaching community.

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