SmugMug's Artists-in-Residence:
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SmugMug Artists-in-Residence are world-renowned photographers who spend anywhere from a day to several weeks at SmugMug in sunny Mountain View, California. They do crazy projects like photographing people on the edge of a skyscraper or turning "ordinary" people into elite athletes. Plus they get to hang out with the SmugMug team and eat delicious catered lunch everyday.

Interested in joining the Artist in Residence program? Apply at (Include your portfolio, project ideas, and social handles).

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Benjamin Von Wong

Motivated by the desire to be creatively challenged and overcome impossibilities, Benjamin Von Wong has become notorious for his epic photography. His hyper-realistic art style captures viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts. Benjamin's background in engineering gives him a unique edge for creative problem solving, where technical challenges become friendly competition. Fueled by his passion to connect people, Benjamin has an affinity for finding unique talent to bring his complex stories to life. He is also highly engaged in the photographic society by sharing his experiences and techniques through blogs, social media, workshops and videos.

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• 58k+ Subscribers on YouTube
• 16k+ Followers on Twitter
• 30k unique monthly hits on the blog
• Most viral video: 1.5 million views

Renee Robyn

Canadian born and raised, Renee is a former model turned photographer who has developed an ethereal style, combining fact and fiction. Merging together expertly shot photographs with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop, her images are easily recognizable and distinctly her own. She travels full time, shooting for clients and teaching workshops around the world.

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