A look through this lens.

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This lens has power.

A lens helps us focus. It helps us frame. It brings us closer to the little things we might overlook, and the big things we’ve always dreamed of seeing. A lens gathers light and turns it into memories, moments, magic. And all of that is powered by the passion and purpose of the photographer behind it.

The moment you look through the viewfinder at something you truly care about—something you want to preserve, remember, maybe even share—is a moment worth celebrating. Because those images, fueled by that passion and your unique perspective, are powerful.


These are the perspectives of photographers whose subjects and skill are challenging how we see the world.

“This lens is my therapy.”

Sapna Reddy approaches photography with a doctor’s eye, crafting images that can calm, soothe, and even heal.


“This lens is adrenaline.”

When she’s pursuing the perfect light—even climbing a sheer cliff face to get it—Tara Kerzhner is unstoppable.


“This lens is a time machine.”

After losing hundreds of family photos in a devastating flood, Michal Pechardo decided he’d never miss another moment.


“This lens changes perspectives.”

Jay Ford uses protest photography as a tool to express his voice, and through it, amplify the voices of others.


“This lens is my path to self-discovery.”

As a “location-independent” photographer, Andy Best captures sights through the lens most of us only dream of.

What does your lens do?

Share your passion and see what happens


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Photos by Anton Lorimer, Jay Ford, Yifei Chen, Gemma Evans, Clay Banks, Christina Gottard, and Anders Jilden