Your photos, anywhere.

Lens to layout in a snap.

Snap a great shot, then instantly show it on your site—from anywhere—with just a few taps of the app.

Showcase on the go.

Keep your friends, clients, and followers up on your latest and greatest photos—from wherever you happen to be. Even download photos from your site to view when Wi-Fi is a no-go.

Your photos on Apple TV.

Take your images to big new places on our Apple TV app. View your galleries on the big screen, follow your friends, family, or other favorite photographers. Even watch SmugMug Films from the comfort of your own couch.


Upload at the speed of Lightroom.

Streamline your editing and uploading workflow with our Adobe Lightroom publishing plugin. Update your SmugMug account directly from Lightroom and easily sync your photos, publish new edits, create new galleries, and even pull your clients’ favorite photos for an easy proofing workflow.

Upload straight from your desktop.

Who needs browsers? Upload your photos and create galleries and folders from the comfort of your desktop. Simply log in, choose some photos, and start uploading. Easy as pie.

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