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The best place to back up all your photos online.

Backing up your photos should be just as simple as taking them. SmugMug is the safest, simplest, and best way to back up photos. Try it free.


Why is SmugMug the best place to back up all your photos?

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Unlimited storage, one price.

With SmugMug, you get truly unlimited storage—plus features like eCommerce, print ordering and website customization—for less than storage with Dropbox, Google photos, Amazon, or Apple Photos.

Automatic uploads.

Get automatic uploads across a variety of apps including our mobile apps and our Windows desktop app.

Full resolution access.

You will always have access to your full resolution photos, no matter what. We don’t alter or downsize your photos to save on space when you upload them.

Easy organization.

Build folders and galleries just the way you like them with our Organizer. This will help you share and find just the right photo when you need it.

Absolute privacy.

SmugMug will never mine, sell, or share your data. Your photos are yours and yours alone, and you control who gets to see what with incredible privacy settings.

Get peace of mind at full resolution.

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Automatic Backup of an Image
Automatic Backup of an Image


What’s the best photo back up strategy?

Backing up your photos is a good idea for just about everyone who owns a camera—even the one on your phone.

If you’re a professional photographer, you know that harddrives are good, but not perfectly reliable, and having a safe, secure, and easy solution to back up your photos in the cloud can give you some much-needed peace of mind.

If you’re a hobbyist, social media user, or don’t want to risk losing those memories on your phone, camera, or computer, having a photo backup system that offers unlimited storage is the best way to protect your photos.

What are the best ways to back up photos?

The best ways to back up photos are ones that will keep them safe, secure, and accessible. Additionally, creating redundancies is never a bad idea.

These could include:

  • Cloud storage that can be accessed from any connected device.
  • Storing photos on multiple hard drives.
  • Uploading photos to a private server.
  • Uploading photos to a personal computer.

Are Google and iCloud good photo storage options?

Both are fine options depending on your needs, but neither offers truly unlimited storage space like SmugMug does for the same low price. Depending on how many photos you take and how easily you’d like to retrieve them, you should consider all of your options.

It’s also a good idea to have a secondary photo back up and photo storage solution, just in case one shuts down, decides to increase prices, or you get locked out of your account.

Does SmugMug have an app to back up photos?

Yes, you can download the SmugMug app to any iOS or Android device, or any PC or Mac and back up your photos. You can back up photos manually, or set it and forget it with automatic uploads on most devices.

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Better storage at a better price.