Auto Upload for iOS is here: keep your phone photos safe, automatically.

Introducing Auto Upload for SmugMug iOS app

Since you’re like us (passionate photographers), we know you have important photos on your phone and that it’s necessary to have a safe, simple, and automatic way to backup your photos.  We love sharing all the stories of how SmugMug has preserved your memories from being lost: photos from graduation, fun nights out, surprise engagements and so many more.

Photographers using the SmugMug Android app have been able to use Auto Upload to keep their phone and tablet photos safe, and we’re happy to extend Auto Upload to now support your iOS devices.

Enable Auto Upload today in our iOS and Android apps to keep your phone photos safe.


Here’s how it works

Auto Upload automatically keeps your photos safe by uploading them to SmugMug. All you have to do is turn it on, and all the photos you’ve already taken on your phone or tablet will be uploaded to SmugMug. Any new photos you take will also automatically get uploaded, without you having to take extra action.

"I love that by the time I wake up, the photos I took the previous day are safe in SmugMug." - Rebecca S. (photographer)

Why you should enable Auto Upload

  1. Protect your photos and keep them safe, without having to remember to upload them. 

  2. SmugMug doesn’t degrade the quality of your photos (like some other phone backup software does). 

  3. You never have to worry about paying for more storage as you take more photos (your SmugMug subscription comes with unlimited photo storage). 

  4. They’re always private, unless you change the setting.


Turning on Auto Upload

When you launch the SmugMug iOS or Android app, simply go to the apps’ Settings screen (the gear icon) and scroll to “Auto Upload” and enable it. All the existing photos on your device will be uploaded to SmugMug. In the background, the app will wait for new photos to be taken and then upload those too.

Keep in mind,  if you’re using the SmugMug iOS app, your device will need to be connected to WiFi and plugged into power. An “Automatic iOS Uploads” folder will be created, and photos will automatically be organized by year and month. 

Tip: For the initial upload of all your photos, uploading is fastest if you leave your phone unlocked with the SmugMug app running. The app will automatically dim the screen so you can sleep while it uploads. 

In the Android app, you can choose whether the uploads occur while on WiFi or Cellular, or when plugged in or not. You can also change the location of where the uploads are sent. 

The details: SmugMug’s unlimited storage means all your photos can be kept safe. There’s a few things you should keep in mind. On iOS, your photos are uploaded in their original high quality version and converted to high quality JPG photos (for those technical ones out there: the HEIF/HEIC photo is uploaded and converted to a JPG).

  • For iOS Live Photos, only the still photo is kept. The moving portion will be lost.

  • For iOS “Portrait Mode” photos (the ones with the blurry background), you won’t be able to change the amount of blurring if you re-download the photo.

What are you waiting for? Enable Auto Upload on your iOS or Android devices today!

Written by Aaron Meyers

Dec 18, 2019 · 4 min read

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