December 2019 & January 2020 Release Notes

We’ve got an exciting year ahead (come back next week to read about what’s in store for the year) and as always, we’ve been busy the last 2 months making more improvements for all of you. I missed posting the updates from December, so I’ll combine both months here.

In the near future, we’re exploring providing much more frequent and timely updates on what’s new, with those updates appearing within SmugMug. We’re excited to be constantly improving SmugMug and want to do a better job of making sure you know about the hard work being done.

Photo by Aaron Meyers
Here in California, wintertime doesn’t bring us (much) snow, but this is the season when we get colorful sunsets, which are fun to watch from our many beaches.

Here’s what we released in December and January:

What’s New

  • Shop View: The new "Shop View setting" is helping you sell more by surfacing your shopping cart as soon as they open your photos. Maximize your sales by enabling this in "Gallery Settings".

  • Gallery Sharing: Owners & visitors looking to share a gallery can now find a gallery share button at the top of the gallery, making it easier to share.

New Gallery Share
  • Valentine’s Day Cards: You can now buy and sell Valentine’s Day cards. For you pro’s out there: make sure to add Greeting Cards to your pricelist.

What’s Changed

  • Simplify Upload Menu: We’ve simplified the upload menu to make it easier to understand how to upload more photos and create galleries.

  • Buy Buttons on Mobile: The "buy" button now appears in the gallery header when viewed on mobile devices, making it easier for Pro’s to sell more photos and for consumers to buy their photos on their phones

  • Video Playback: When playing a video, the quality will improve much sooner (3 seconds into the video, instead of 10 seconds in).

  • Using SmugMug with a Custom Domain: A number of improvements have been made to ensure that if you have a Custom Domain, your customers and visitors can properly browse and use SmugMug within Safari.

  • Profile Photos in Contact Form: We’ve removed the default image used in the Contact Form if no Profile Photo was set. Your Contact Form will use your Profile Photo if you’ve set one. 

  • System Galleries (Cover Photos, Watermark Photos, etc): We will no longer display these automatically generated galleries (Cover Photos, Profile Photos, Watermark, and Printmark photos) on your website to remove the confusion over what the system galleries are. They can now only be viewed in the Organizer.

  • Buying your photos on Android: You can now buy your own photos from within the Android app. Just look for the "Buy" button below the photo.

  • Thumbnail photos in the Organizer: Now default to a larger size so your photos will look amazing wherever they’re displayed.

  • Wooden Ornaments: Wooden ornaments can no longer be bought or sold (get the cork out of here).

Bug Fixes

  • A number of bug fixes around adding products to the shopping cart, including some for the new Greeting Cards

  • Fixed some issues with buying your own photos in the Android app when your account had a custom domain.

We have some exciting things in store this year, which we'll be discussing in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Written by Aaron Meyers

Feb 1, 2020 · 4 min read

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