Shop View is here, and print sales just got easier.

Being a professional photographer is tough but we’re making the selling part a whole lot easier with the brand new Shop View gallery setting. For Portfolio and Pro account holders selling their photos, as soon as your photos are viewed larger in any gallery, your print and sales products are displayed right alongside your photos so your shoppers can go from blown-away to buying right away. 

Developed after working closely with professional photographers, their input helped to shape a better shopping experience for potential customers. This improvement to that customer’s buying experience will give you a leg up in making sure your print products are not overlooked.

2020-01-10 shop view lightbox animation
SmugMug Shop View overview

So what improved: 

1. Shoppers don’t have to search for the buy button.  With the new experience, not only are your photos still the center of attention, but your customers can’t miss the fact that they can purchase their very own copy of your photograph, either on one of the many print products you offer or as a digital download. They will immediately see the catalog when they click or tap to see the larger gallery image.

2. It’s still customizable. You have full control over your pricelist and the products you offer. We’ll only display the purchase options you’ve indicated in your pricelist for each given photo or gallery. We work with some incredible print labs with incredible product lists for those who run their photography business on SmugMug

3. Easy to turn on, easy to turn off.  We’re all about choices and customization at SmugMug. Want to try out the Shop View on your galleries to see if it works for you and your customers? Easy. Any new gallery you create will automatically display the Shop View (unless you have changed the default Gallery Preset yourself). If you want to apply it to any old galleries, simply do so with just a few clicks. Here's how:

How to apply the Shop View experience for existing galleries.

For all Portfolio and Pro subscribers, any new gallery you create will automatically display the Shop View to your shoppers and gallery visitors. You don’t have to do a thing but upload your photos, make sure your pricelists are set, and share the gallery with your customers. 

If you’d like to retrofit older galleries with the new Shop View or turn off Shop View, you can enable or disable this experience in the "Shopping" section of your Gallery Settings when the Visitor Shopping Cart is enabled, or you can change it all at once using Bulk Settings.

2020-01-10 Gallery presets
SmugMug Gallery presets

Pro tip: Use our new Default Gallery Presets to set your preferred default settings for Shop View. The new Shop View will be on by default for all newly created galleries for Portfolio/Pro plans. If you prefer not to have this on by default, you can use Default Gallery Presets to customize your preferences.

Log in to update your galleries and see how the new Shop View works. Have questions about the update? Check out the SmugMug Help Center or send our Support Heroes a message.

Written by Aaron Meyers

Jan 10, 2020 · 4 min read

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