Feb 11, 2020 · 6 min read


14 Great Gifts for the Photographer In Your Life

There’s something about the frame, click, and shoot process that rules a photographer’s heart and mind. Chasing the perfect light, being at the right place at the right time, building relationships with their clients. But what about those of us who love them for, well, just being them? Just around the corner is Valentine’s Day and we’re assuming they’re already a SmugMug and/or Flickr member so here are 14 additional gifts ideas that we think will surprise and delight them and maybe, just maybe, put you slightly ahead of their photography passion.

14 Gifts for PhotographersPhoto by Chermiti Mohamed

1) Help them to never lose track of their lens caps with a Lens Cap Holder. We found this one on Amazon for a mere $6.99.

2) Warm feet make for warmer partners with these awesome camera socks for $11.50.

3) Now they can keep one hand on their camera, while the other hand holds yours, with this Peak Design Cuff for $29.99. (Remember: SmugMug and Flickr members receive a 20% discount with Peak Design!)

4) Mimic that romantic nighttime photo with your loved one by pairing the new “Night Mode” on your iPhone with an ultrawide lens, using the 18mm Moment Lens for $119.99.

5) A good stable tripod is like your good stable relationship. Pick up a Platypod (starts at $59.99) so your photography-loving significant other can capture that perfect-in-focus shot.

6) You want your partner to spend less of their time editing photos and more with you, so give them the gift of ON1 photo editing software starting at $69.99.

7) Keep those lenses clean, especially when photographing near the beach with a Microfiber Towel. Much better than the little cloths that get lost or dirty quickly. Pick up just one or 50 of ‘em on Amazon.

8. Show your partner you’ve embraced their passion by giving them camera jewelry on Etsy which comes with its own unique flash.

9) Photographers hate cold hands, so keep those precious digits warm with fingerless gloves that let them still use their trigger finger for only $16.99.

10) Help your partner relive their best memories with you, with a Blurb photobook starting at $32.99. (SmugMug and Flickr members receive a 35% discount!)

11) Turn your partner into a pro photographer by tethering their camera to their computer, using a TetherTools Starter Kit starting at $84.55.

12) Take your partner on a romantic photoshoot getaway with Mother Nature, and present them with a US National Park Annual Membership starting at FREE for some and up to $80.00 annually for others.

13) You love to encourage your partner to learn and grow, so gift them an educational PHLEARN PRO membership for as little as $6.49/mo.

14) Turn their laptop into a look-a-like camera with a fun Camera Laptop Decal for only $12.00 + s/h.

14 Great Gifts for PhotographersPhoto by Somnus


Have an unlimited budget because you think they’re worth it or maybe you’ve won the lottery? Why not look at a National Geographic Expedition for the most epic photo opportunity of a lifetime. This is something that they (and your bank account) definitely will never forget!


Feb 11, 2020 · 6 min read