5 ways to sell like a (SmugMug) Pro during the holidays

Traditionally, during November and December, photographers will make 50% more in print sales than the average month. Selling doesn’t have to be intimidating — here are some tips for taking advantage of SmugMug’s best tools to boost your sales.

5. Set your galleries to launch straight into selling mode. Your store is immediately visible whenever a photo is opened, encouraging visitors to buy a print or gift. No need to hope they click the “Buy” button to see the photo is for sale. You’ll find this setting under the “Commerce” section of your Gallery Settings.

To activate this selling feature, go to your Gallery Settings, click on the Shopping option, then toggle Commerce Focused Lightbox to ON.

Pro tip: You can do this across many galleries by using Bulk Settings


4. Use “Suggested Pricing” to create your first store. Don’t stop yourself from making your first sale because you’re not sure what prices to set for your photos. Create your first Pricelist using the “Suggested Pricing” option and let data-driven prices help you get started.

When creating a new Pricelist, toggle “Suggested Pricing” to ON.

Pro tip: Start with just a few products in the beginning. Basic sizes of paper prints, MetalPrints, and Canvas sell well during the holidays.

3. Or if you’re a seasoned seller, add new products to your pricelist. Our new print products, Holiday Greeting Cards*, Fine Art Papers**, and Ornaments* are perfect for the holiday season. Make sure they’re in your pricelist so your customers can purchase them.

Pro tip: Sell your clients a pack of greeting cards when you deliver their holiday portrait photos.


2. Market yourself with Facebook Pixel. Retarget visitors to your website, encouraging them to return and purchase a print or gift. Add a Facebook Pixel in your Account Settings, then use paid advertising to recapture your visitors.

Pro Tip: Let your friends, family and clients know that you can help them with their holiday needs. Send an email to your network or post on your favorite social platform.

1. Use Coupons to encourage selling. Clients are expecting holiday deals and are more likely to purchase if you offer a coupon.

Pro Tip: Add a banner to the top of the page offering your coupon by adding a Title content block.


As always, our Support Heroes are standing by to help with any of your holiday needs. Happy Holidays!

*Not available in Europe, Middle East, or Africa **Available for Bay Photo and EZ Prints Pricelists

Written by SmugMug

Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

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