I’m ready to sell prints on SmugMug — where do I start?

Photography was once just a hobby of yours, and now it’s your passion. Chances are you rarely forget your gear at home. You wake in the wee hours of the morning to catch the sunrise, and you work late into the night editing your frames to perfection. We don’t condone speeding, but we know you won’t miss a golden hour.

Whether you’re just shooting on the weekends or photography has become a serious side gig, you’re ready to showcase your work and make some cash. Here are things you should consider when getting started selling prints on SmugMug.

Respect clients’ privacy. Perhaps you took photos at an event and people have expressed interest in buying prints. First, it’s important to note how publicly your photos will be shared and who is in them — especially children — then build trust by customizing privacy settings.


Specialize your portfolio. While building your portfolio, you should aim for a consistent focus or theme. For example, if you shoot weddings and you also shoot landscape photography, you’ll want to organize your specialties in separate folders and galleries. Viewers want to easily understand your style without having to dig deep. Photos you choose to include in your portfolio should be representative of your best work.


Give clients options. When you’re creating print-product buying options, there are tons of print products available. Avoid overwhelming your customers by offering what makes sense for your photos, and remind them to ask if they’re not seeing the product(s) they want. Your galleries are optimized for mobile viewing, too, so don’t hesitate to send your clients their photos. Clients showing off your photos can also lead to word-of-mouth referrals.


Know your worth. There isn’t one, right way to price your work, but there are several factors you should keep in mind when setting your prices. Do you plan on selling a limited number of print products? If so, you might upcharge more than you would on photos that will sell in larger quantities. Take note of how much time you spent editing photos and if there were special skills/techniques used to develop the final frame. If you’re totally lost, try our suggested prices or see what other SmugMug photographers are charging on the forum.

Go the extra mile. Finding the little touches that make your work you will keep clients coming back for more. You can add a unique, branded feel to your print sales and even choose to hand deliver packages to local clients. When you’re just starting out, try sitting down with the clients to review photos. Create special “photographer’s favorites” albums to help clients who plan on creating photo books. It can be time intensive, but it usually leads to more sales.

Getting started selling prints can be intimidating, but because SmugMug was created by photographers for photographers, we have the tools you need — like customizable coupons and print packages — to take your photography side hustle to the next level. For in-depth help on getting started with selling on SmugMug, check out our education videos.

Written by SmugMug

June 3, 2019 · 3 min read

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