Why You Should Be Marketing Your Photography On Pinterest

Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are synonymous with business marketing. As a photographer, image-based platforms such as Pinterest can be an integral tool for showcasing your work but are often overlooked. This can be a grave mistake. Interestingly enough, unlike many forms of social media that leave users feeling like they may need a temporary detox, Pinterest users are are 2x as likely to say their time on the platform was well-spent, productive, or useful.

Don’t let the fact that Pinterest is decidedly less prevalent in every day conversation than some of its social counterparts fool you. 250 million people use Pinterest every month; a number that has grown steadily year after year. Unlike Facebook and Instagram which have reported a decline in users and their satisfaction, Pinterest has reported a 7% increase since 2017, more than Facebook and Instagram combined, with almost half of those being men. Pinterest may even be more valuable to photographers than platforms such as Facebook. In fact, it may very well be among the best marketing opportunities on the Internet. Instagram requires a large social following to create engagement, while Pinterest does not, and you can accrue millions of views virtually overnight.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is almost an almost entirely visual bookmarking site with a social component built in, so you can make a profound impact on a broad audience, very quickly. Competing with large companies for ad space on Facebook can quickly turn into an expensive venture for small businesses, and one made in futility given its 2 billion, (with a b) worldwide users who are likely to scroll past without blinking.


Via Chronicle Books Pinterest

Pinterest is for people looking to purchase. 55% of people on Pinterest use it to shop for specific products, and refer to saved content when making purchase decisions whether in store or online. What’s more impressive? 90% of weekly Pinterest users employ the platform to actively seek out inspiration and make purchase decisions. Data also confirms that mobile browsing sessions of Pinterest last longer than other social platforms. Once you’ve captured someone’s attention with a cohesive, relevant and consistent feed, you are far more likely to draw in customers looking to spend.

First and foremost, create a Pinterest Business Page.

  • This may seem self-explanatory, but many people don’t even know you can optimize your Pinterest business. To do this, go to


    and either click “Convert” to change your current profile to Business


    or click “Join as a Business”


    if you don’t currently have an active Pinterest profile. Include your logo for instant brand recognition and be sure to link your website so you can track the analytics/feedback Pinterest provides. Use these analytics to monitor which pins receive attention, and which are ignored to adjust your feed accordingly. Add Pinterest “buttons” or extensions to your site, making it easier for people to share on the platform. The more your images are pinned the more likely it is that people will visit your site.

Create Boards to showcase your best work. You can break down your boards by event, session, or photography genre, but make sure every image links to your site and is appropriately credited to ensure maximum name recognition. Create a featured board with your most recent, relevant, and absolute best work to highlight your style. 62.2% of millennial users cited that they are most comfortable incorporating visual search Platforms into their digital shopping experience, and Pinterest gives you the opportunity to make a powerful first impression. If you have a blog, this is where Pinterest really shines — use text overlay to quickly direct people to your site for valuable information.

Keywords are King: Know your audience and use intentional wording to communicate effectively.

  • If you are promoting your wedding photography, be aware of using current buzz words and tags, and don’t stray too far from your business genre — it is hard to gain recognition for taking stunning shots of a bride when you are showcasing photos of mountains. Be as clear as possible in your business, photo, and board descriptions, as Pinterest will directly analyze all of these to direct traffic to your page. Doing this may also help your photos be picked up by bigger brands and blogs, and instantaneously shared to millions of users, example via Style me Pretty:


“Style Me Pretty” Pinterest

Pinterest’s value lies in how often your post is shared, so making your photos easily accessible is key. Don’t forget to enable pinning on your website.

Pin, pin, pin.

  • Pinterest is about more than shameless self promotion. Creating boards in the realm or genre of your photography will spread your name more quickly than simply posting your own photos. Your feed can instantly clue potential clients into your style, aesthetic, and vision. Pin what inspires you, and support fellow photographers, brands, and online magazines. You can also utilize the social component to network with other artists whose work you find inspiring.


Brooklyn Based Photographer, Bekka Palmer, is the 3rd most followed person on Pinterest, with 8 million followers. Her feed is about more than simply her own photography — with everything from food to gardening.

Optimize your photos.

  • Unlike Facebook, Pinterest photos are vertical in format. Start with 600×900 pixel size to ensure your photos are seen properly, and avoid landscape photos where you may do yourself a disservice by cutting off half of the image.


Use your expertise to draw people in to your website

Learn more about the potential audience reach your business could have to customers around the world, with Pinterest’s most up-to-date statistics.

Written by Emily Truesdell

May 6, 2019 · 5 min read

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