2018 in Review

Happy Holidays! It’s been both an exciting and a busy year for us here at SmugMug. We set out the year with ambitious goals for SmugMug and then we threw in a nice wrinkle… perhaps obvious, but we’re ecstatic to welcome Flickr to the SmugMug family! Working hard to revitalize Flickr hasn’t diminished our ambition and excitement for the future of SmugMug (and in fact, as a loyal 10 year SmugMug customer, I can’t wait to wrap up the things we’ve been working on).

In the past 12 months, we made it easier for new subscribers to get started with a beautiful site, we knocked out a ton of mobile experience improvements, and made some big gains helping you increase sales on prints and gifts. We’ve also released countless bug fixes and minor (but important) improvements, totaling over 1,300 code releases this year alone. I’ll break down this year’s major product improvements below.

Shopping Cart Improvements

At the end of last year, we launched a new checkout system and we spent this year continuing to refine it, greatly improving the experience for you and your visitors to buy prints and gifts. It’s streamlined, quick to complete, and most importantly, mobile friendly.

2018 in Review Image 1

Since many of you love having your prints on the wall, you can easily add a large number of frames and mattes.

As a result of these improvements, we’ve found that you’re selling more photos and making more money!

In the coming year we’ll continue to help photographers make money through their SmugMug websites and print stores, and we’re working on a number of projects to help you sell more. (In fact, we had hoped to get one of these out to you before the holiday season, but we’re not comfortable rushing to release something that isn’t quite ready.)

Mobile Improvements

It’s obvious that photography has embraced mobile, and we’ve made sure to keep updates fresh on SmugMug iOS and Android apps.

-mobile update iOS -

You can create folders and galleries in the app, and with the new upload experience, you can add all your photos from a given day or select just the photos you want. On Android, you can keep your photos organized by moving photos, folders, and galleries around (coming soon to iOS), and we’ve added more controls for automatically backing up your mobile device to SmugMug (also in the plans for iOS).

-YT mobile update android -

I love to use my phone to show off my photos, and using the new Search tools has made finding the photo or gallery I’m looking for super fast. Speaking of finding things faster, we’ve made it easier (and added additional tools) to download photos on your device, delete unwanted content, and set your photos for offline viewing, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

2018 in Review Image 2

For those of you who use SmugMug in your mobile browser, like Safari or Chrome, we made many of those same apps improvements available.

Our product, design, and research teams have been working with SmugMug subscribers like you to further identify ways in which our apps can help your workflow — there’s a whole host of exciting work planned for next year to help you get inspired and share your photos with the world.

Setting up your SmugMug

I can’t walk down the street with my SmugMug hoodie without someone stopping me to say “I love my SmugMug!” As much as I love to hear this, I know that it’s not always the easiest task to get your SmugMug site personalized exactly how you want it.

This year we made it easier for new SmugMug subscribers to choose a template and customize it. We’ve been blown away by the sites many of you have made in just a matter of minutes. Going forward, we plan to bring this to you loyal subscribers, too, so you can choose and customize new templates just as easily. We also added tools to help new subscribers upload more photos, set up a pricelist, and get photos organized.

2018 in Review Image 3

Giving your photos a safe home is a responsibility we take seriously, so we made sure custom domains are also super secure, keeping your photos safe behind SSL certificates.

2018 in Review Image 4

What’s Next?

Here at SmugMug we love photography — it’s not just our servers that are filled with your photos but also our walls, ceiling, floors, and windows. There’s a lot we want to do. It’s crucial for us to continue helping you bring your mobile devices into your workflow, and we want to help our Pros wow clients even more. We also have some big ambitions to facilitate engagement on your photos. Our work supporting Flickr continues, but we’re super excited for the passion and strengths that the two platforms bring to each other. We love growing with you and continuing to make SmugMug the place where your photos shine!

Here’s to a fantastic 2019. Happy Shooting!


Written by Aaron Meyers

Dec 31, 2018 · 4 min read

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