August 2019 Release Notes

In past release notes I talked about how we were blown away by our six summer interns as we Grew Together and they were able to both learn and help release some nice improvements for all of you. Our interns are all now back at school and we’re already missing the way they helped contribute. Thanks Amit, Brian, Jess, Matthew, Oskar and Tanvi!

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The summer interns visited Yosemite for a day of exploration and a night of photography. Amit Nagdev took this photo of the milky way before they drove home.

Here’s what we released in August:

What’s New:

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When you and your visitors open a photo, it’s displayed in a beautiful new “Lightbox”
  • The new Lightbox helps your photos stand out and shine.

  • Since its launch we’ve been listening to your feedback and updated the new Lightbox several times thanks to your input; adding captions for easier reading on top of photos, displaying a map of where you took the photo, and fixing some bugs. Keep the feedback coming! (We have a few more updates planned, including adding titles / captions to Slideshows and improving the new zoom feature)

  • A new “Commerce Focused Lightbox” setting helps you sell more photos by opening your photos with the buying experience active already. Find the new gallery setting under the “Shopping” category.

  • It’s now easier for your visitors to buy single photos, multiple photos, packages, single photo downloads, and gallery downloads all from the new interface in the Lightbox. They’re no longer separated out over menu items.

What’s Changed

  • The sizes of the photos you can upload just got supercharged. You can now upload photos as large as 500 MiB with 4 gigapixels of resolution.

  • Renamed the title on the /organize page to “Photo Organizer” and removed an odd back button that was confusing many of you.

  • Made it easier for you all to use any interface that has tabs by improving its design and making any errors more clear.

  • Customers new to SmugMug will see an improved “Quick Start Guide”, making it simpler to learn all about how SmugMug can help you.

  • The Lightroom Plugin now supports the new “Commerce Focused Lightbox” setting, as of version

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some of the support pages in the “Support” sidebar not to load.

  • Fixed an issue causing printmarks not to be displayed on certain sample photos.

  • Visiting /customize now properly takes you to the customizer if the URL somehow was missing some information.

  • Fixed a rare issue when downloading large galleries with multiple download links.

    Stay tuned as we’re wrapping up several big improvements which will enhance the way you and your visitors enjoy your photos.


Written by Aaron Meyers

Sept 1, 2019 · 3 min read

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