Release Notes June 2019

Happy Summer! I know many of you are off taking photos during summer vacations and we’d love to see all of the photos you take — share your photos with us by tagging @smugmug!

One of SmugMug’s core values is to “Grow Together” and we love summertime because it means we can embody that value by helping grow a group of college students: summer interns. This year we have several engineering interns from all over the country working on both Flickr and SmugMug. In usual fashion, they’ve hit the ground sprinting and have made a number of improvements for you (which you’ll see below).

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Here’s what we released in June.

What’s New

You can now move and collect photos from the iOS app (and on Android too). This is handy if you need to re-organize your photos when you’re not in front of a computer.

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  • Similarly, from your iOS device you can now take various actions on multiple photos at once. Just tap and hold on a photo to begin selecting the photos, then download, delete, move, collect, or share them all at once.

  • When you’re enjoying a big, beautiful photo and you want to see more of its details you can now zoom in on the photo in your new Lightbox experience (which we discussed last month). Just click on the photo to zoom in and out.

  • Visitors and clients who buy prints and gifts can check their Order Status with a new page that includes more detailed information on how their order is progressing. This should lead to more happy customers.

What’s Changed

  • When you create a new Folder, Gallery, or Page while organizing photos, you’ll now be taken immediately into it. Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to find the new item you just created.

  • Telling the story of your photo is important but edits to your captions might get lost if you accidentally clicked the wrong button. This won’t happen anymore — you’ll be prompted to discard any changes before cancelling changes to your captions (you can also cancel via the “ESC” key now).

  • The new Lightbox gets some of the missing tools that many of you love: allowing you to show or hide a photo, make a copy of it, or replace it.

  • In the new Lightbox it’s now really easy to tell if you’re viewing the Photo Details, Sharing, or Commenting thanks to a colored border next to the icon of the mode you’re in.

  • You’ll no longer receive email notifications when you leave a comment on your own photo (after-all, you know you left the comment).

  • It’s much easier to read the metadata information about your photo thanks to some visual updates to the “Photo Info” window. You’ll enjoy being able to read the camera information, ISO, aperture, f-stop, date taken and more.

Bug Fixes

  • Our new Lightbox experience no longer shows buttons to navigate to the next or previous photo on iPads. The screen is much cleaner since everyone knows they can just swipe to the next photo.

  • Clicking on keywords in the New Lightbox now properly links to your custom domain, if you use one.

  • Fixed an issue where photos weren’t opening large and beautiful when found from search results.

  • For those Pros out there that have given access to “Assistants”, we fixed an issue with displaying the price for Assistants.

  • When buying an item, verifying your shipping address will now scroll properly so you can fill out all your information and get that print sent to you as quickly as possible.

  • Eliminated the odd behavior Portfolio and Pro customers were sometimes seeing when trying to enter information to get paid for their prints and gifts sales.

  • A few of the Google Fonts you can use for your site weren’t working — that’s now fixed.

  • We’ve made sure that photos in your Gallery display in the same order as when you go to organize them.

More exciting things next month — be sure to check back in July!


Written by Aaron Meyers

July 1, 2019 · 3 min read

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