Aaron Meyers

Dec 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Product Release

November 2019 Product Release Notes

heroskySmugMug Support Hero Ana Pogacar and I visited Colorado for a weekend of exploring Fall Colors and big mountains. Then it was back to work in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

We’ve been busy this month trying to make it easy for to buy and sell photos during the busy season of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holidays to come. Here’s to a successful and happy year ahead!

Here’s what we released in November:

What’s New

“Quick Settings” are now called “Presets”: We've renamed "Quick Settings" to match more closely with what folks tend to call them: Gallery Presets. They still work the same, by applying a custom list of settings to your gallery but we've also slightly improved the experience.

Managing Presets: You can now view and delete your Presets from within Account Settings: https://secure.smugmug.com/settings#section=gallery-presets Default Presets: Additionally, you can now set a "Default" Preset. Any time you create a new gallery, the Default Preset will automatically be applied for you, meaning you don't have to remember your most common settings.


HEIC Photos can now be uploaded to SmugMug in the web, iOS, Android, macOS and Windows uploaders.  Auto-Upload in the iOS app: Keep every single one of your phone photos safe by automatically uploading them to SmugMug. Look for “Auto Upload” in the apps settings.


What’s Changed

Create a Holiday Card Improvements: improved the user experience of creating a card with several small iterations, like not forcing you to pick photos when there’s only a small # of photos in the gallery, or taking you back to the proper place when you cancel out of creating a card. 

Disabled Selling Phone Cases: Phone Cases can no longer be sold through SmugMug. We’d love to bring this back in the future though!

For galleries with “Commerce Focused Lightbox” set to ON, opening a photo on mobile devices no longer launches straight into the shopping cart. Folks want to enjoy the photo first. Improved the Privacy messaging when editing gallery settings for a gallery in a Private folder.

Bay Photo orders now ship from UPS, for more reliably getting photos to you and your customers.

When picking a paper size in the shopping cart, the crop of the photo is now shown when hovering over a size. 

Holiday Cards have their own category in the shopping cart, making them easier for you to buy or sell.

Deleting a comment now asks you to confirm, so you don’t accidentally delete comments left on your photos.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue preventing holiday cards from appearing properly in the Sales History CSV file. Some customers were seeing Printmarks on their digital downloads even though printmarks was disabled. This is no longer happening. 

After updating settings from multiple galleries (via “bulk settings”), you can now properly edit settings again.

Happy holidays, and reach out to us if there’s more we can do to help you get prepared for the upcoming holidays! 


Aaron Meyers

Dec 3, 2019 · 3 min read