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Just when you thought your photos couldn’t look better, we’ve rolled out a bold update to one of our most important features. Our newest version of Lightbox — the window that displays your photo within SmugMug — brings your photos center stage, giving them a smoother, simpler look for a better, more focused viewing experience. What does this mean for you? It means better viewing across all web platforms, especially mobile. It means more community and client engagement with your work, and it means an increase in print and download sales.

Optimized viewing on mobile and desktop.

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We’ve cleaned up the distractions to keep the focus on your photos and your photos only. Buttons that once covered your photos and dominated the Lightbox, now surround your image to create a cleaner experience. Titles and captions which once covered the photo are now neatly tucked in their own area, and features that weren’t used frequently have been removed or made less prominent. Not only are your photos looking better on desktop, but they’ve been optimized for seamless mobile viewing as well. Now, no matter where your photos are displayed; mobile devices, tablets, or personal computers, they’ll look perfect without distractions.

More community engagement.

This simplified user experience for those browsing your photos means more room to grow your community. With fewer options to distract your visitors and more obvious opportunities to engage, we think you’ll see an increase in photo sharing, commenting, and favoriting. Titles and captions no longer block your photos — there’s a designated space to tell the stories behind your photos.

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Simple, solid, and commerce minded.

We revamped navigation and simplified button placement to make everything easier on your visitors. In addition to making the “Buy” button more prominent, this update paves the way for some big things to help you make more money. Stay tuned to read about our next improvement and how you can use it to sell more prints and digital downloads.

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We’re constantly aiming to improve the SmugMug experience for you. That’s why we’ve worked closely with photographers who trust us with their photos, portfolios, and print sales. Their input and design testing have shaped the SmugMug products and features you enjoy, and this feedback has been invaluable on our mission to giving your photos the attention they deserve. This new Lightbox design was a product of exactly this kind of involvement with photographers like you. (No really, thank you!)

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Have questions about the update? Check out the SmugMug Help Center or send our Support Heroes a message.

Written by Aaron Meyers

Aug 15, 2019 · 3 min read

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