Aaron Meyers

Nov 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Product Release

Transform your photos into Personalized Paintings.

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Introducing Personalized Paintings Redecorating for the New Year? We’ve added another unique and personal item to SmugMug’s growing list of print products: Personalized Paintings. Our Personalized Paintings transform your photographic masterpieces into digitally hand-painted and embellished works of art.


Here’s how it works Once an artist transforms your photo into a digital painting and it’s printed on canvas, they’ll use a traditional paintbrush and clear acrylic medium to add decorative detail to the artwork, giving depth and texture to your piece. Your painting will then be finished with an acid-free, pH neutral, protective UV coating.


Your artwork can stand alone as a ready-to-hang, gallery-wrapped canvas (unframed) or be upgraded to include a simple float frame. Whether framed or unframed, each piece comes with hangers and corner bumpers.


Add a special touch to photo gifts this holiday season — create your Personalized Painting today!

Pro tip: Want to sell Personalized Paintings? Make sure “Personalized Paintings” is turned ON in your EZPrints pricelists.

Have questions or need help? Our Support Heroes are standing by at help@smugmug.com.

Aaron Meyers

Nov 27, 2019 · 2 min read