Preserve your priceless memories.

SmugMug is the safe, beautiful home for all your photos.

Take your photography to the limit with unlimited storage.

Your life has so many awesome moments to capture, and we’ll save absolutely every one of them. That’s right, there’s no limit on photo uploads. Always and forever!

Your memories are safer here.

For over 16 years SmugMug has maintained the highest technical standards when it comes to keeping photos safe. We also provide you with tools like password protection and extensive privacy controls for added peace of mind.

Showcase your life beautifully.

With easy-to-organize folders, simple-to-design galleries, and dozens of elegant site themes to choose from, we guarantee your photos will look stunning on any device.

Share photos you love with people you love.

We make it easy to share all your life’s moments across computers, tablets, phones, and even your television. Send anyone a link to your galleries and they’re instantly accessible, or keep your friends updated through seamless integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Spotlight your videos.

We’re also a home for your high-resolution, 1080p videos. Safely store, display, and share all your moving moments in just a few clicks.

Put SmugMug in your pocket.

Get easy access to SmugMug on the go with our app. Just snap a great shot with your phone or tablet, then instantly share it to your galleries with just a few taps.

Hold on to your memories with gorgeous keepsakes.

We’ll help you turn your photos into beautiful prints and truly personal gifts—Metallic Prints, Photo Books, Phone Cases, Photo Cards, Mousepads, Keepsake Boxes, Puzzles, Magnets, Postcards, Buttons, Keyrings, Aprons, and more.

Customer story

Get inspired:
Just a dad with a camera.

See how customer Brent Gilmore captures and preserves his family’s moments through photos. And, learn how he uses SmugMug to tell his inspiring story.

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