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Even though Phanfare has closed its doors...
SmugMug still wants your photos to have a safe, beautiful home forever.

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At SmugMug, our mission is simple - to provide a service that helps everyone protect and celebrate their priceless memories. Although Phanfare has ended, we’re here to support you however we can. If you’ve already moved your photos and videos to SmugMug, or you just want to start fresh with us, be sure to check out the following resources to get up and running fast:

  • See everything we have to offer: SmugMug Features
  • Sign up for a live webinar and let our experts walk you through the basics of SmugMug, while answering any of your questions.
  • Participate in the discussion in our SmugMug forum, where we’ve created a special community just for Phanfare customers.

And, as always, we love to help. You can reach out to our Support Heroes 24/7 with any questions you may have. If you have Phanfare-specific inquiries, you can also contact

Questions about SmugMug

We’re a profitable, family-owned business of photographers passionate about helping other photographers, and we bring our passion to work every day. We have millions of customers who store and share billions of photos. You can learn more about our mission and what we offer here.

SmugMug started in 2002 as a passion project between father and son. Today, our company is filled with photographers who care as much about your photos as they do their own. That’s one of the main reasons we’ve succeeded during the last 15 years.

No. We are a subscription-based service, but all 4 of our paid plans include unlimited storage, and always have since we started 15 years ago. So whether you store 10 photos or 10 million, we’ll never charge you more than the flat price of your chosen plan.

Yes! We offer a full suite of apps to ensure you can interact with your photos anywhere. In addition to our popular SmugMug app for both iOS and Android, we offer an Adobe Lightroom plugin that allows you to seamlessly sync your photos from desktop to web, dedicated uploading apps for Windows and Mac, and an AppleTV app so you can enjoy your photos on the big screen. Learn about all the apps we offer here.

Questions about the SmugMug/Phanfare Relationship

The deadline to migrate your photos was May 31, 2017, and Phanfare has officially closed its doors.

Our lifelong mission is to help people display, share and preserve their priceless memories. When we found out that Phanfare would be closing its doors, we wanted to ensure fellow photo-loving Phanfare customers would have a safe, beautiful home for all their photos.

No, Phanfare officially closed on May 31, 2017, and it is not possible for Phanfare to be operated and maintained going forward.

Commissions will be automatically paid after June 28, 2017 to all Phanfare customers with an outstanding commission balance.

Questions about Plans and Features

SmugMug provides you with your own modern customizable photo website, unlimited storage, robust photo organization, the ability to share your photos, and much much more. If you’re a professional photographer, we’ve got all the tools you need to run your business, too. You can learn the details about everything SmugMug offers here.

SmugMug offers industry-leading functionality and a modern, upgraded experience. If you enjoyed Phanfare, you’re sure to find something to love with SmugMug. In general, the plans align most closely as follows:

Phanfare “Standard” is comparable to SmugMug “Basic.”

Phanfare “Premium” is comparable to SmugMug “Power.”

Phanfare “ Pro” is comparable to SmugMug “Portfolio.”

You can learn about everything each SmugMug plan has to offer here.

Phanfare supported a few pieces of functionality that SmugMug does not currently offer, such as the ability to upload music. However, you’ll find that we offer the vast majority of features Phanfare did plus a whole lot more! For a complete breakdown of SmugMug’s functionality, visit our Features page.

Yes! You can upload unlimited videos right alongside your photos for as long as you have your SmugMug account. You can learn more about uploading videos here.

Questions about Moving Forward

Getting started is a breeze! For all the details, check out our guide here.

We’re aware that the ability to sort and organize by date has been an important feature for you! Your Organizer tool offers many powerful sorting options. As you add new photos and galleries to SmugMug, you can choose to sort them by “date created.” Learn more about that here.

We offer many ways to share your photos, so you can get them to the right viewers quickly and easily. To get all the details, please see our sharing page here.