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SmugMug + Phanfare

Now that’s something to smile about!

At SmugMug, our mission is simple - to provide a service that helps everyone protect and celebrate their priceless memories. To that end, we are thrilled to welcome Phanfare customers (and their photos!) to SmugMug.

Phanfare will no longer be available after May 28, 2017, but we’ve worked with Phanfare to create a fast, easy, and automatic process to transfer all your photos and data. You can upgrade to SmugMug immediately, and even better, SmugMug will honor the remainder of your Phanfare subscription. Simply hit the button above to get started.

If you don’t yet have a SmugMug account, no worries! We’ll walk you through creating one in minutes. If you do happen to already have a SmugMug account, the process will be even easier.

Be sure to review our list of frequently asked questions below. Chances are you’ll find an answer to whatever you’re curious about. If not, our Support Heroes love to help, and are standing by 24/7.

If you’re the interactive type, we’re running special live webinars between now and May 28, 2017. They’re led by a panel of our experts, and are designed to help walk you through the transition and allow you to ask questions in real-time. Sign up today!

Finally, if you’d like to interact with fellow Phanfare photographers as you settle into your new photo home, we’ve created a special area in our SmugMug discussion forum just for you.

We hope to put a smile on your face (like our logo).

Questions about SmugMug

What is SmugMug?
We’re a profitable, family-owned business of photographers passionate about helping other photographers, and we bring our passion to work every day. We have millions of customers who store and share billions of photos. You can learn more about our mission and what we offer here.
How long has SmugMug been around?
SmugMug started in 2002 as a passion project between father and son. Today, our company is filled with photographers who care as much about your photos as they do their own. That’s one of the main reasons we’ve succeeded during the last 15 years.
Does SmugMug charge based on the amount of storage I use?
No. We are a subscription-based service, but all 4 of our paid plans include unlimited storage, and always have since we started 15 years ago. So whether you store 10 photos or 10 million, we’ll never charge you more than the flat price of your chosen plan.
Does SmugMug have desktop and mobile apps?
Yes! We offer a full suite of apps to ensure you can interact with your photos anywhere. In addition to our popular SmugMug app for both iOS and Android, we offer an Adobe Lightroom plugin that allows you to seamlessly sync your photos from desktop to web, a dedicated uploading app for Windows, and an AppleTV app so you can enjoy your photos on the big screen. Learn about all the apps we offer here.

Questions about the SmugMug/Phanfare Relationship

Why did SmugMug work with Phanfare to offer this transition opportunity?
Our lifelong mission is to help people display, share and preserve their priceless memories. When we found out that Phanfare would be closing its doors, we wanted to ensure fellow photo-loving Phanfare customers would have a safe, beautiful home for all their photos.
Will Phanfare be operated as a standalone service going forward?
No, it is not possible for Phanfare to be operated and maintained going forward. You’ll be able to continue using Phanfare until May 28, 2017. Up to that date, we are providing an easy transition process to automatically transfer all your photos and videos to SmugMug. This is an opportunity for Phanfare customers to be upgraded to our industry-leading platform used by millions of people every day.
Does SmugMug have access to my data or photos before I choose to transition to a SmugMug account?
We do not have access to any personally identifying information, or any of your photos or videos, until you say we can! If you’d like to transition your Phanfare photos and subscription to a comparable SmugMug account, be sure to first log in to your Phanfare account. Phanfare will ask if you consent to sharing your photos and account information with SmugMug. If you’d like to ensure your photos are transferred over to a SmugMug account, simply submit your consent. You can then return here to get started with SmugMug and transfer your photos!
How long will Phanfare be available?
You will still be able to access your Phanfare account until May 28, 2017. By that date, you will need to have completed the transition to SmugMug or retrieved all your content from Phanfare. Once Phanfare’s service is disabled, it will no longer be possible to access your Phanfare account and retrieve any photo/video content.
Does Phanfare still have my photos?
Yes. Your photos and videos are still fully accessible and retrievable from your Phanfare account until May 28, 2017. On that date, the Phanfare service will be discontinued, and your content will no longer be stored by Phanfare.

Questions about Plans and Features

What does SmugMug offer?
SmugMug provides you with your own modern customizable photo website, unlimited storage, robust photo organization, the ability to share your photos, and much much more. If you’re a professional photographer, we’ve got all the tools you need to run your business, too. You can learn the details about everything SmugMug offers here.
How do SmugMug’s plans align with Phanfare’s plans?
SmugMug offers industry-leading functionality and a modern, upgraded experience. If you enjoyed Phanfare, you’re sure to find something to love with SmugMug. In general, the plans align most closely as follows:

Phanfare “Standard” is comparable to SmugMug “Basic.”

Phanfare “Premium” is comparable to SmugMug “Power.”

Phanfare “ Pro” is comparable to SmugMug “Portfolio.”

You can learn about everything each SmugMug plan has to offer here.
Do I get all the same features on SmugMug that I had on Phanfare?
Phanfare supported a few pieces of functionality that SmugMug does not currently offer, such as the ability to upload music. However, you’ll find that we offer the vast majority of features Phanfare did plus a whole lot more! For a complete breakdown of SmugMug’s functionality, visit our Features page.
Does SmugMug support video?
Yes! When you transfer your content to SmugMug, we’ll carry over your videos as well. You can continue uploading unlimited videos, right alongside your photos, for as long as you have your SmugMug account. You can learn more about uploading videos here.

Questions about Billing

I already paid Phanfare for my account renewal this year. Will that carry over to SmugMug?
Yes, we will absolutely honor the value of your remaining Phanfare subscription. When you transition to SmugMug, we will provide you with the closest comparable subscription based on the plan you had on Phanfare. You won’t be charged anything until your next regular renewal date arrives. At that point, we will renew you on your current SmugMug plan.

For example, if your last Phanfare renewal was in June 2016 for the $199 Pro plan, you will be transitioned to the comparable $150 Portfolio plan on SmugMug. You will not pay us anything until your next renewal date arrives in June 2017.
What if I’m currently paying for accounts on both SmugMug and Phanfare?
No worries! During the transition process, you’ll be able to log in to your existing SmugMug account and we’ll transfer your Phanfare photos there. Since you’re already paying for SmugMug, we’ll keep you on your current SmugMug plan. We’ll also give you account credits for the value of your remaining Phanfare subscription. These credits will then apply as a discount to your next renewal on SmugMug.
Can I get a refund from Phanfare if I don’t want to transition to SmugMug?
Phanfare is a service of Carbonite, Inc. All inquiries for a refund should be directed to Carbonite support here.
How do I get my final commission from Phanfare?
Commissions will be automatically paid after June 28, 2017 to all Phanfare customers with an outstanding commission balance.

Questions about Migrating from Phanfare to SmugMug

How do I start the process of moving my photos to SmugMug?
Simply click the "Get Started with SmugMug" button at the top of this page. We’ll verify your Phanfare account using your Phanfare account email address. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to create a new SmugMug account or log into an existing SmugMug account if you already have one. From there, we will automatically initiate the transfer of your content into your SmugMug account.
Do I have to pay or migrate to SmugMug if I only want to retrieve my photos?
No. You’ll still be able to access your Phanfare account until May 28, 2017. During that time, you can retrieve all the photos from your Phanfare account.
What if I already have a SmugMug account? Can I just transfer my Phanfare photos and videos into that?
Yes! If you already have a SmugMug account, we’ll ask you to log in after we verify your Phanfare account. Then you can transfer your content directly into your existing SmugMug account.
Will ALL my photos and videos be carried over to SmugMug?
We will carry over every photo and video from your Phanfare account that is in a file format we support. We currently support JPG, PNG and GIF, as well as a huge selection of video formats. You can learn more about what we support here. If you had photos in formats we do not currently support (like RAWs, TIFFs, etc.), please see the question below.
I stored native format files (like RAWs, TIFFS, PSDs, etc.) on Phanfare. Will those transfer to SmugMug?
As we are currently unable to support these file types, they will not be transferred over with the rest of your photos. Fortunately, you will still be able to retrieve and backup these files from your Phanfare account until May 28, 2017.
Will my photos carry over to SmugMug in the same structure I had on Phanfare?
We organize things a little differently from Phanfare, but we’ve tried to make this easy for you. If you have organized photos into albums on Phanfare, we will do our best to preserve this structure and create an equivalent “gallery” for you on SmugMug. Similarly, if you had albums organized into various “sub sites” on Phanfare, we will create equivalent folders for those automatically. On SmugMug, folders are a way to group multiple galleries.
Will SmugMug carry over the security settings I had on Phanfare?
Any compatible security settings will be carried over from Phanfare to SmugMug. Specifically, if you had a site-wide password on your Phanfare site, we’ll ensure your new SmugMug site has the same site-wide password. Also, if you had albums that were not published to your Phanfare site, those will be marked as “private” on SmugMug. We have a robust set of privacy and security options for all your photo and video content. Committing to safety, security, and privacy is our core value. Once everything is transferred into your SmugMug account, you can always organize your photos and tailor their privacy to any degree you’d like. You can learn more about all the privacy options we offer here.
Will my photo titles, comments, captions, and tags from Phanfare carry over to SmugMug?
We will maintain these photo attributes and transition them to your SmugMug account. If you have tagged photos with people, we will carry over these tags as keywords. Keywords allow you and your visitors to easily search for and curate groups of photos on your SmugMug site.
Will any of the customization (look and feel) from my Phanfare site carry over to SmugMug?
Unfortunately, no. The architecture of Phanfare’s system is different from SmugMug’s. We also offer much more extensive and modern customization options. You’ll have the ability to choose a beautiful “ready-to-go” design for your site, or you can completely customize every detail. It’s up to you!
How long will it take to transfer all my photos and videos from Phanfare to SmugMug?
The transfer time largely depends on overall site traffic and the amount of photos and videos you have in your Phanfare account. We expect most transfers to take a few hours or less, but it’s possible to range anywhere from one hour to a couple days.

Questions about Moving Forward

Now that I have a SmugMug account, how do I get started?
Getting started is a breeze! After migrating your photos, we recommend that you take a moment to verify your privacy settings. From there, have some fun customizing the look and feel of your site and galleries. If you’re interested in selling your photos, you can be set up in minutes. For all the details, check out our guide here.
It looks like some files didn’t transfer into my SmugMug account. What happened?
It’s possible you may have a file in a format we don’t support. For any files we couldn’t place into your SmugMug account, we’ve created a special page for you here. You’ll see a list of all files we couldn’t transfer, and you’ll be able to download them directly, or jump to where they live in your Phanfare account.
Phanfare automatically arranged my photo albums by date. Does SmugMug do that?
When migrating your photos and videos we’ll maintain the structure of your site based on the album and section names, not the date. This is done to preserve the proper URL structure. That said, we’re aware that the ability to sort and organize by date has been an important feature for you! As you add photos to SmugMug, you can browse by date by visiting your own “date page,” found by adding “/date” to the end of your site URL. For instance,

Also, your Organizer tool offers many powerful sorting options. As you add new photos and galleries to SmugMug, you can choose to sort them by “date created.” Learn more about that here.
How do I tell my friends, family, and customers about the new location of my photos on SmugMug?
We offer many ways to share your photos, so you can get them to the right viewers quickly and easily. To get all the details, please see our sharing page here.
Once my photos are migrated to SmugMug, can I still use Phanfare?
Yes, but once your data is migrated to SmugMug, no new content can be uploaded to Phanfare. Also, any changes made to your Phanfare account will not be migrated to SmugMug. You can continue to publish, download, and purchase items through Phanfare until May 28, 2017.