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Your Picturelife photos and videos are back!

Update 10/10/16: Over the last few months, we’ve returned millions of memories to thousands of people! However, time is running out. The deadline to transition your photos into a SmugMug account is November 15, 2016. Don’t miss out on retrieving your priceless memories!

When SmugMug heard the news that Picturelife was going out of business, we made it our mission to reunite you with your priceless memories and keep them safe.

Our solution: SmugMug is providing all Picturelife customers the ability to transfer their photos and videos into a SmugMug account, where they can also download them, for free.

We hope this will put a smile on your face (like our logo). To get started, please click the “Retrieve my photos” button above. Also be sure to review frequently asked questions below.

Questions about SmugMug

What is SmugMug?
We’re a profitable, family-owned business of photographers who are passionate about helping other photographers. We started 14 years ago and continue to grow. We have millions of passionate customers who store and share billions of photos. You can learn everything about what SmugMug offers at
Why is SmugMug working to rescue and reunite me with my photos?
Our lifelong mission is to help people preserve their priceless memories. We’ll do anything we can to help fellow photo-lovers ensure they have a safe, beautiful home for all their photos.
How long has SmugMug been around?
We started SmugMug in 2002. Our company is filled with photographers and we bring our passion to work every day. That’s one of the reasons we’ve succeeded during the last 14 years. To learn more about our company history, please visit
Is SmugMug free to use?
We offer a free 14-day trial, which you can use to retrieve the photos and videos we were able to recover from Picturelife on your behalf. There is absolutely no charge for this trial period and no obligation to continue as a SmugMug customer after the trial period ends. If you wish to keep your photos on SmugMug after your free trial period ends, we offer four paid plans, all of which include unlimited storage. Our Basic plan, which offers all of our robust privacy controls and gallery customization, normally starts at less than $4/month, but will only cost you $2/month for your first year (a special 50% discount just for Picturelife customers). Your 50% discount will be automatically applied when you create your free trial account via the “Retrieve my photos” button at the top of this page.
Does SmugMug charge based on the amount of storage I use?
No. We are a subscription-based service, but all 4 of our paid plans include unlimited storage, and always have since we started 14 years ago. So whether you store 10 photos or 10 million, we’ll never charge you more than the flat price of your chosen plan.
Does SmugMug have desktop and mobile apps?
Yes! We have our popular SmugMug app for both iOS and Android. We also have an Adobe Lightroom plug-in that allows you to seamlessly sync your photos from desktop to web. There are also dozens of third-party applications available that provide various options for uploading to and interacting with your SmugMug account. You can find more information about those here.

Questions about Picturelife

How long will Picturelife be available?
Picturelife has announced that as of August 22, 2016, their service will no longer be available and it will not be possible to access or upload content.
Does Picturelife still have my photos?
Picturelife has gone out of business. It no longer has the capability to store any content. SmugMug will be the sole means for Picturelife customers to retrieve their photos and videos going forward.
Did SmugMug acquire Picturelife’s business?
No. SmugMug has not acquired any part of Picturelife’s business or operations, and we are not responsible for Picturelife’s business, assets, or liabilities. We have entered into an arrangement with Picturelife to help rescue your memories and allow you to safely get your photos and videos back. Picturelife is not paying us for this service - we are doing this purely to help our fellow photographers.
Will I get a refund from Picturelife, or do I get any credit carried over to SmugMug?
Picturelife has gone out of business and SmugMug has no control over Picturelife or its operations. We are only providing a service on behalf of Picturelife to help the customers of Picturelife safely get their photos and videos back. Picturelife is not paying SmugMug for this service and we have no way of knowing what you’ve already paid to Picturelife. However, we are offering all Picturelife customers a 50% discount on your first year’s subscription if you decide to keep your photos on SmugMug.

Questions about Migration

How do I start the process of moving my photos to SmugMug?
Simply click the "Retrieve My Photos" button at the top of this page. We’ll verify your Picturelife account using your Picturelife account email address or username and password. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to create a free 14-day SmugMug trial account or log into an existing SmugMug account if you already have one. From there, you’ll choose the privacy setting of all your Picturelife photos and videos on SmugMug and initiate the transfer of your content into your SmugMug account.
Do I need to create a SmugMug account to access my content?
Yes, you will need to create a free SmugMug trial account to safely and securely access your content. SmugMug takes the privacy and security of your photos and videos seriously. The best way to make sure your content is safe and available only to you is to use our tried-and-true login and security systems.
Do I have to pay for SmugMug in order to retrieve my photos?
No, retrieving your files during the 14-day trial period is absolutely free. However, you will need to sign up for a free SmugMug trial account so that we can verify your Picturelife account ownership and then transfer your photos into our platform. Once transferred, you’ll have 14 days to download your photos back to your computer for free. The free trial account can be closed at any time, and there is no obligation to subscribe to SmugMug.
What if I already have a SmugMug account? Can I just transfer my Picturelife photos and videos into that?
Yes! If you already have a SmugMug account, we’ll ask you to log in after we verify your Picturelife account. Then you can transfer your content directly into your existing SmugMug account.
Will all my photos and videos be recovered and carried over to SmugMug?
We are only able to transfer files made available to us by Picturelife. Fortunately, we were able to successfully save 220,842,549 photos and videos. There are instances where SmugMug is simply unable to retrieve or recover some files due to circumstances outside of our control at Picturelife. We can’t offer any guarantees as to the extent of the files recovered and we can’t be responsible for any data that may become corrupted or lost by Picturelife or in the transfer process. We are simply making available to you what was provided to us.
Will my photos carry over to SmugMug in the same album structure I had on Picturelife?
We organize things a little differently from Picturelife, but we’ve tried to make this easy for you. If you organized photos into Albums on Picturelife, we will do our best to preserve this structure and create an equivalent “gallery” for you on SmugMug. If you had photos that were not organized into Albums on Picturelife, we will organize those automatically into galleries for you, sorted by date. See here for more information about SmugMug galleries.
What about my native format files like RAWs, TIFFs, etc.? Will those carry over to SmugMug?
Although the SmugMug platform only supports JPG, PNG, or GIF and a variety of video formats, we have generated a solution that will allow you to download your other files directly from a special page within your SmugMug account. To access this page, log into your SmugMug account and go to After the transfer of your supported photos and videos into your SmugMug account is complete, you’ll also receive an email notification that reminds you how to access this special page for your RAW, TIFF, and PSD files. You can learn more about the file types we accept here.

Update 10/10/16: Be sure to download all your files from this page by November 15, 2016. After this date, we will no longer be able to retrieve them.
Will SmugMug carry over the privacy settings I had on Picturelife?
SmugMug and Picturelife have two different systems, and our privacy settings do not align perfectly. That being said, we have a robust set of privacy and security options for all your photo and video content. Our commitment to safety, security, and privacy is unrivaled. When starting the migration of your content, you’ll be able to set the default privacy for all of your photos and videos upfront. Once everything is transferred into your SmugMug account, you can always organize your photos and tailor their privacy to any degree you’d like. You can learn more about all the privacy options we offer here.
Will my titles, comments, and captions from Picturelife carry over to SmugMug?
We are able to carry over titles and captions for both photos and albums, but comments are unique to Picturelife and won’t carry over. SmugMug is doing our best to save your actual photos and videos, which is our top priority.
Does SmugMug have access to my Picturelife password? I was asked to enter my Picturelife username and password before signing up for a free SmugMug trial.
No, SmugMug does not have access to your Picturelife password. We’re able to verify most Picturelife accounts by simply confirming your Picturelife account email address. However, if we are unable to verify your account email address, we’ll ask for your username and password instead. Even then, SmugMug does not have direct access to your account password. Instead, we securely confirm it using a cryptographic one-way hash. Verifying proper ownership of your Picturelife account is critical, so we can ensure only you have access to your photos and videos.

Questions about Moving Forward

Am I only allowed to download my photos, or can I also choose to keep them on SmugMug?
Of course we’d love for you to stick around and join the SmugMug community, but you don’t have to. You can simply download your photos and be on your way. If you decide that you’d like to continue taking advantage of our safe storage and robust service, you can of course do so and enjoy the 50% discount on your first years’ subscription that we’re offering just for Picturelife customers. Our Basic plan normally starts at less than $4/month, but will only cost you $2/month for your first year (after the 50% discount for Picturelife customers). Your 50% discount will be automatically applied when you create your free trial account via the “Retrieve my photos” button at the top of this page.
If I just want to download my photos, how do I do it?
SmugMug offers the ability for you to download galleries of photos directly from the Organizer tool in your account. Once you request a gallery download, we will generate a ZIP file and send a link to your email. You can learn more about this process here.
How long will SmugMug keep my photos?
Update 10/10/16: Be sure to transfer your Picturelife content into a SmugMug account by November 15, 2016! After this date, we will no longer have the files available to transfer. Don’t worry, once you have completed the transfer into your SmugMug account, the photos will remain as long as you have an active SmugMug account. If you plan to only sign up for a free trial, your trial will be active for 14 days. You'll need to download all your photos and videos during this time. If you decide SmugMug is not the right fit for you and your trial expires, no worries, we’ll hold your photos and videos for 60 days from the start date of your trial. You’ll need to contact our Support Heroes within that 60-day period if you weren’t able to download all your photos during the 14-day trial.
I was using another tool or service to download my Picturelife photos and videos. Will it, and any others, still be available to use?
Unfortunately, no. Picturelife has ceased operations. This includes the operation of their API, which is what third-party tools and services used to interact with the Picturelife service. SmugMug will be the sole means for Picturelife customers to retrieve their photos and videos going forward.
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