A seller’s guide for pro photographers | SmugMug for Pros

Upload from anywhere.

Getting your new photo site and photo library up and running is easy with our pro tools that help you upload faster and with greater control and organization.

Pro Tip #1

Privacy settings

Don’t forget that you have a ton of privacy settings for your photos. They can be password protected, unlisted, or fully public so you can show off your best work when and where you want and protect your clients’ privacy at the same time.

Pro Tip #2

Drag-and-drop folders

Already have your photos perfectly organized in folders on your computer or hard drive? When using a browser to upload, use our drag-and-drop feature to automagically build the same file structure for you.

Pro Tip #3

Social access

Are you a social (media) butterfly? You’ll love to hear that you can access all your photos through our smartphone apps for easy posting to your favorite social media channels.

Put some power in your portfolio.

Not only can you store ALL your photos with us (seriously—unlimited space, one price), but you can also create a one of a kind, completely customizable portfolio site with gorgeous galleries.

Site by Benjamin Von Wong

Your photos have never looked better.

One of the things we’ll help you excel at is getting new clients’ attention. Whether you’re capturing tender moments as a wedding photographer, high-end fashion images for the glossies, or an epic collection of gallery-worthy sunrise landscapes, we have templates and tools to help you create a custom photo site that will make every visitor say “WOW.”

Pro Tip #4

Content blocks

This is your ship to steer. Take your site wherever you want and give it a look all your own. You can use our content blocks to customize each of your pages with buttons, forms, custom headers, logos, and more.

Pro Tip #5

Change templates

Galleries will automatically be shown in one of our six display styles depending on the design template you choose for your SmugMug site, but if you like one style more, you can change each gallery as you see fit or all of them at once.

Pro Tip #6

Customize your shopping cart

Give your cart some color of its own. Your customization options are limitless. With a little CSS, you can even change the look of your shopping cart, adding your own images to product categories so your customers feel at home all the way through purchase.

Learn how to sell your photos through your very own site.

Build that bottom line.

This is where SmugMug gets fun and where you make the rules. SmugMug is the easiest place online to showcase and sell your photography. Choose your price, your products, your images and start sharing with your clients. We’ll take care of everything else. Whether you’re a 9-to-5 studio shooter, a family and wedding photographer with demanding clients, or a casual landscape lover who wants to sell wall art to the masses, we can help you make more sales and strengthen your business.

Print on everything.

Big or small, nothing compares to seeing your work printed in real life. SmugMug works with the finest print labs in the world to bring you tons of high-quality products and print options so your customers will always be able to find the right print.

Wall Art

Paper Prints


Phone Cases

Your business is our business.

We don’t just process your transactions, we’re your partner in marketing your business. You can apply your personal brand to every order to add that special touch to each sale you make.

  • Your own logo/branding

  • Custom watermarks/printmarks

  • Custom domain

  • Logo in shopping cart

  • Branded thank-you cards

  • Custom stickers

Use coupons, print money.

Coupons are one of the best ways to get your product into the hands of new clients and photography lovers. With SmugMug you can create your own coupons for your own marketing campaigns and offer percentage discounts, credits, free shipping, and more. You can define how long coupons will last, who sees them, and who can use them.

Pro Tip #7

Quality check

Set up proof delay and check to make sure cropping and color are perfect on your prints before they are shipped off.

Pro Tip #8

Personal delivery

Want to sign your work? Make a limited run of prints? You can set up personal delivery and add your own personal touches to each order.

Pro Tip #9

Clean up your cart

Our pricelists almost have more products than you can count. Narrowing the list of products you offer your clients can keep them from getting overwhelmed, and you’ll avoid abandoned shopping carts.

For the love, craft, or business of it, we’ve got a plan for you.

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