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Photographer, crying.
Two tweets that read: Google Photos – Starting June 1, 2021, new photos and videos uploaded in High Quality will begin counting towards your 15GB of Google Account Storage. Andrew Kennedy - Not suprising, bit storage per capita is growing faster than HD costs can keep up. I also don't really trust Google with photo storage. I'd much rather pay a reasonable fee to someone like SmugMug who has shown good stewardship over photos for the long haul.

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Has Google Photos got you worried about storage limits, image compression, and photo security? Say goodbye to Google and hello to unlimited, full-resolution storage, detailed privacy controls, and uncompromising dedication to making your photos look their best.

An image

— She said to her Google Photos

Photo By Benjamin Sinca

An image

— He said to his Google Photos

Photo By Ayo Ogunseinde

An image

— She said to her Google Photos

Photo By Hamid Tajik

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Unlimited storage, automatically.

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Full resolution access.

You will always have access to your full resolution photos, no matter what. We don’t alter or downsize your photos to save on space when you upload them.

Easy organization.

Build folders and galleries just the way you like them with our Organizer. This will help you share and find just the right photo when you need it.

Gorgeous galleries.

Want to show off your photos as well as store them securely? Our sharing tools let you create galleries, web pages, or a whole custom website for your photography.

The home your photos deserve.




Never lose a memory or a pixel. Each photo tells a story, your story, and you'll never have to choose which to keep.




Better than simply sharing. A unique personalized website lets you easily share your photos, and allows your friends and family to print.

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