Brent Gilmore

“You feel like a hero when you’ve cataloged the national archives of your family’s life.”

Family Historian

Brent Gilmore

Austin, TX

Mother and child looking out window

An inherited passion.

My love of photography came from my mom. She was the family documentarian. She shouted “Just one more!” at us so many times it became a running joke. Now, I’m the one capturing memories for my wife and two children. I take photos as a gift for my family, the way my mother did for me.

Brent Gilmore's SmugMug website

My photos, my way.

I put my family photos on my site to show them off to the world, not just my family. There’s nothing I’m more proud of than my wife and kids. I’ve used SmugMug since 2004 to make sure my photos are presented the way I want them to be seen. My entire site was designed and organized in less than an hour. The ease of use means I have the freedom to focus on my craft, instead of uploading and organizing.

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Turning fleeting into forever.

SmugMug has helped make photography a central theme in my family. The photos we have on the walls and on every surface of our home are the biggest tell. The kids will run over, pick one up, and show guests what they did this weekend. I never thought I would use online printing tools, but SmugMug makes it so easy, and the quality is amazing. Not just that, but my site lets visitors order their own prints—which means a lot less weekend trips to the photo store.

Book of photographs
Brent with a baby

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