Andy Best

“This lens is my path to self-discovery.”

Nomadic magic.

Living on the road isn’t for everyone, but for Andy Best and his family, it’s the only way to experience and capture the true beauty of the world around us.

Describing himself as “location-independent,” Andy travels by kitted-out RV with his wife, children, and pets to chase down moments of earthly perfection, finding purpose and perspective along the way.

I grew up playing outdoors all the time, and I kept finding moments that would stop me in my tracks. I always found that a pretty compelling reason to stop and take a photo.

“A lot of it has to do with trying to emulate the feeling that I have when I’m out in these places: how can I capture this so a viewer can be there with me?”

What does your lens do?

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Photos by Anton Lorimer, Andy Best, Yifei Chen, Gemma Evans, Clay Banks, Christina Gottard, and Anders Jilden

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