Becca Skinner

"This lens plants seeds."

Growing a connection.

Food is ubiquitous. We all need to eat, right? But for Becca Skinner, the story of where our food comes from is as important as how it’s prepared. 

Captivated by the nuanced, often personal stories of sustainable farming on operations both big and small, Becca captures the intimacy of growing food and the people it serves. Her own farm and community give her the unique ability to bridge an educational gap that informs the importance of how we plant, grow, and harvest food.

Everyone has to eat, and getting to be so close to a meal coming together and knowing that it's our love, our seeds, our time, our energy going into that food is really wonderful.”

“One of the most important aspects of farming that I think people are disconnected from is how people are farming in a way that is outliving them. Leaving it better than they found it. Photography can bring such a beautiful awareness to people who want more connection to the land around them.”

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