"This lens ignites my soul."

Photo by Becky-Joe
Photo by Andrew Tower
Snapping shutters and burning rubber.

Becky-Joe Puente captures the visceral. From just a still image, you can smell the gasoline, feel the rumble of an engine, hear the screech and roar of a burn out. Growing up with a family of mechanics and drivers, cars were everything, and documenting, celebrating, and sharing images of those cars was second nature. 

Today, Becky-Joe’s passion for motorsports has turned into a full-fledged photography profession. From car shows to drifting events to car races, you can always find Becky-Joe with a camera to her eye and a smile on her face.

“This is my passion. When people ask me what I do… I’m a motorsports photographer. To me it’s an honor to take a picture of the car.”

Photo by Andrew Tower
Photo by Andrew Tower
Photos by Becky-Joe
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Photo by Becky-Joe

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