Jay Ford

“This lens changes perspectives.”

Making first-hand history.

You could call Jay Ford a director, or a photographer, or a videographer, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But at the heart of it, Jay Ford considers himself an observer.

Camera in hand, he captures moments other lenses shy away from. He does this because he loves it, sure, but he’s also out there on the streets out of a sense of duty—to tell stories and elevate voices that otherwise might go unheard.

I didn’t go out there to make money. I didn’t go to the protest to chase clout. I went there because I felt it was my true calling to document history in the making.

“I feel it’s my duty to show [protest] in a positive light because the news and certain media only show the negative. People are dealing with this emotionally. They’re upset, and I wanted to show that in a beautiful way. That meant a lot to me. And I want to do more.”

What does your lens do?

Share your passion and see what happens


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Photos by Anton Lorimer, Jay Ford, Yifei Chen, Gemma Evans, Clay Banks, Christina Gottard, and Anders Jilden

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