Jessica Lifland

"This lens reveals humanity."

Photo by Jessica Lifland
Photo by Andrew Tower
Documenting to cultivate empathy.

Living is full of nuance. The smallest moments can make the biggest impacts, and as a documentarian, Jessica Lifland captures these for others to see. A visitor to cultures around the world, Jessica captures their everyday experiences and helps us understand the beauty in moments others might find unremarkable. 

Those many, intimate, sometimes mundane moments are what make us human after all. Jessica’s photography gives us a small glimpse into what makes people people, and just how connected we really are. 

I love dropping into other people’s worlds. I love to share…so people who haven’t been able to go where I go can get a taste of other people’s lives and hopefully be reminded of how human we all are.”

Photo by Andrew Tower
Photo by Andrew Tower
Photos by Jessica Lifland
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Photo by Jessica Lifland

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