Kelley Luikey

"This lens is for the birds."

Photo by Kelley Luikey
Photo by Andrew Tower
The power of patience.

Serene water. A tranquil beach. The slowly-rising sun turning the even, calm darkness into light. These are the ingredients that make for an epic shoot for Kelley Luikey. The sky and the sand start to come alive while she stays still, laying in the mud and muck capturing the subtle moments of birds starting out their day. 

With patience, planning, and a willingness to get dirty, Kelley shares intimate looks at some of our planet's most precious animals and helps protect their habitat and their way of life. 

The more you know about something the more you love it. If an image I take can help people want to protect the birds then I’ve made a small part in making this world better.”

Photo by Andrew Tower
Photo by Andrew Tower
Photos by Kelley Luikey
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Photo by Kelley Luikey

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